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And the Door Remained Shut


It was a late Monday morning when Jamie and his family decided to go on a camp trip. Jamie was the eldest in a family of two and his mother and father have both lost their jobs due to a sudden fall down in the country’s economy hence the companies had to shut down. The camp trip seemed fun to the two kids but the parents had just decided to move away from town back to the village.

Jamie was two years older than Susie, everyone calls her Sus. According to Jamie Sus is dad’s favourite which wasn’t quite wrong either because Mr. Stanford showed immense love and care towards his daughter. He loved Jamie too.

Jamie and Sus were a good pair of siblings. Their fights their jokes all were to themselves and they never blamed about each other to either of their parents. Mrs. Stanford was highly worried about the shifting, she kept wondering how Jamie and Sus was cope up with the new friends and all the new surroundings.

Jamie questioned his mum about the packing up but the young mind did not realize the needs were not just for an outing but Jamie and Sus packed up their favourite clothes into their backpacks.

‘’Why are we packing up mum?’’ Sus questioned

‘’Are we going away for a long time?’’Jamie added

Mr. Stanford realised it was no point lying to the kids he sat on his wooden arm chair, carried the 7-year-old Sus and recited out the line up just like a poem.

Jamie and Sus didn’t seem too worried; little did they know about the life in village.

Mrs Stanford wiped out the sweat off her forehead after loading all the house hold items into the mover’s truck.

‘’have a drink honey’’ her husband offered her a glass of juice while the kids being very helpful packed up all their items and threw them into the truck.

They started their journey at 10 past nine in the morning.

Mr and Mrs Stanford were too tired to worry about Jamie and Sus because they fell asleep just as the truck started moving. Mr. Stanford had given up on his car so they had enough money to make a living until the matters settled.

Before noon, they reached the village of the Isles. Jamie shook his sister who was heavily asleep by his side.

A small wooden house which looked like the house in fairy tales, it also had a beautiful garden. Simply the house was into the woods in a mountainous region. There were a few more similar houses painted in different colours.

Sus was excited.

‘’ WOW, its beautiful’’ she screamed.

Mrs Stanford let out a huge exhalation of air feeling a bit relaxed that the kids liked the change.

The day seemed long as they cleaned. Unpacked and arranged themselves into the new atmosphere. The family walked around and was warmly welcomed by the friendly neighbours.


Days passed by…

Jamie and sus started adapting into the new atmosphere and had already made new friends in school and Mr. Stanford had just passed two of his interviews and was in the veranda talking to his wife with a cup of coffee in his hand.

The dark woods

The dark woods

It wasn’t too late in the night, the villagers’ loud noises and a panic arose outside.

‘’RUN’’ they yelled

‘’The black panther is here, run away’’ voices screamed.

Mr and Mrs. Stanford rose up from their chairs panicking and turning around before joining the tensed crowd.

‘’Mum, help!’’ a loud scream from inside awakened the parents.

‘’My kids’’ she ran into the house, and the villagers kept their noises high.

She called out for Jamie and sus, a fear ran down her spine, their voices seemed to come from a far. It started faded away when she finally managed to yell. ‘’JAMIE, SUS where are you?’’

A dark four legged figure moved closer.

Mr. Stanford pulled his wife close by, where are his kids? His own mind questioned him. He dragged her out of the house and the figure roared loud and Mr. Stanford visualised a man running away into the woods.

Within a second or two, he ran behind the man the panthers roar continued and the noise seemed to arise from their own house.

Mrs Stanford was too frightened and shocked to cry or even scream out for her own kids that she herself joined the villagers to chase the man Mr Stanford had seen.

The fire glowing balls of light they had in their hands were not too strong to notice the face of the stranger that had been messing with their own lives for the past few years. The man who stole all their goods and damaged their houses and even taken a few lives using a creature no one has ever seen.

Just as they ran into the woods, the man tripped off a root of a well grown tree and crashed downwards. Even before the villagers question him the voices of the two missing kids echoed loud from the corner.

Mrs. Stanford ran holding her breath, followed the fading echoes, surprisingly back to their own house but deep into an attic. She screamed for help she heard no noise from her Jamie and Sus.

A banging from outside made her turn out in fright and the front door remained shut.

Create your own ending

For each question, choose the best answer for you.

  1. What will be the ending of the story?
    • Jamie and Sus have found a way to escape
    • The kids were tied up onto a chair and remained uncouncious when found


Use the scoring guide below to add up your total points based on your answers.

  1. What will be the ending of the story?
    • Jamie and Sus have found a way to escape: -2 points
    • The kids were tied up onto a chair and remained uncouncious when found: +0 points

Interpreting Your Score

A score of -2 means: very good lets be more creative.

A score of -1 means: Try to imagine out of the box, the kids maybe smarter than we think.

A score of 0 means: Splendid idea, I chose this over my ending. thank you.

© 2017 Sammani Galagamaarachchi

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