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Alex and Alexa


Alex and Alexa, twins, were born while their father was away on national duty ,protecting his beloved country.
Identical in appearance but Alexa was a bit bigger. Alex wasn't that much healthy at birth. He was a little pale, much lighter than any newborn.

Barron, their father, finally got permission to visit his wife and his newborns. As happy as any dad would, he packed up and boarded the night plane that would see him arrive early the next morning. As tired as he was, he couldn't sleep. He'd take a picture of his wife that had always been in his wallet, kissed it and then hold it close to his heart. The passenger seated next to him observed this and couldn't help but smile everytime he saw him do this.

His eyes eventually gave in and he fell into a deep slumber, the photo still pressed hard close to his heart.

" WAKE UP!!! THE PLANE LOST CONTROL. WE ARE ABOUT TO CRASH!! " The passenger next to him yelled. Those are the words he heard before he lost his senses a few seconds later..

A bit stressed out, from not hearing from her husband, Jane wouldn't eat or sleep at all, she had to have a nurse come over for almost a month to help her with the kids. .

Alexa kept growing, Alex was picking up but still smaller . Alexa's eyes were sky blue and full of life, her smile always made her mum smile too. Liked crying alot. Was always on the mothers arm, pretty much all the time.

Alex on the other hand had brown eyes with bits of black in it, he wasn't that active. He never giggled, never cried that much either . He spent most of his time sleeping, as soon as he was fed. .
It was after about eight weeks when Jane got the news about Barron. Somehow he and a few other passengers survived the crush and were rushed to hospital. All in a comma.

She was happy and sad at the same time .Happy because he was alive and sad that he wasn't there with her already.
When she finally got to hospital, she burst into tears as soon as she set eyes on his.
His body, heavily bandaged. His face still glowing as when she first met him, back in college, over a decade ago.
She sat by his bed, their two kids sleeping just a few feet away.

" All this time have been worried sick, I don't even know the last time I shut my eyes. I don't remember a day that has passed by without me thinking about you love. I... I.. Am really sorry, and I really miss you. I need you right now. Please wake up. " .

She cried for so long that she fainted and had to be admitted too.. And was discharged the following day..
For the next two weeks she'd visit him with the kids hoping that he'd be awake and see how beautiful his kids were.
And everyday seemed to be a disappointment . More dissointment . And it went on and on until she stopped going with the kids.

.Barron finally woke up, after almost three months. And couldn't remember a thing. Not even his own name!. He couldn't talk, could barely move because his spine had been badly fractured .
He couldn't remember anybody.

. That hurt Jane more than it hurt him.
Jane fought hard to make him remember. Brought pictures of them from when they met, came with the newborns. And made him hold them, Alex and Alexa .

.. The jovial Alexa was smiling as usual, trying to reach for his nose. He seemed lost in her eyes, and he couldn't help but smile with his eyes closed. And still didn't remember a thing no matter how hard he tried.

When he finally held Alex ,who had just woken up, he seemed lost again. Alex's small hand was tightly holding on to his thumb. He was giggling for the very first time. That was when the mother first saw him smile.
Something came back to Barron's head when Alex went to sleep in his hands. And he couldn't say it because he couldn't talk just yet. He also had a question about Alex's eyes but could not ask...
Still heartbroken, Jane went home and didn't return the next day. She was busy trying to find something that would trigger her husband's memory..
Barron sat up, after a long time of trying to do so. Took a pen and wrote on a piece of paper that was on his side. And when he was done he held it close to his heart and fell asleep.
The next morning Jane carried with her a locket necklace that she'd had since they got married, prepared her kids and drove to the hospital, on a quest to trigger her husband's memory yet again. .

On arrival, his room was filled with soldiers, with their hats held close to their hearts. After a while they out them back on and saluted . And one by one they started walking out, looking rather sad.

" He scribbled some note last night. And it's for you ," a nurse said walking out of the room. Not sure what to think, Jane fainted at the thought that her husband was dead.
. A few hours later she woke up, in a different room,with a nurse feeding her kids.
. ..
When she finally learnt of his death, she just reached for the locked and kissed it and held it close to her heart.
And took her kids home.
She cried it off eventually when she got home. The whole night. To be precise.
.. And then opened the note. :

" Dear Jane. I remember us. It's a sad thing that I can't tell you this, cause I can't seem to find my voice just yet. I wanted to tell you that you looked beautiful today.

When Alex held my thumb I got lost somehow and remembered a few things. I have missed you . I would have been glad if I4 was there when they were born .
They look just like you know. She's got your eyes. He's got my eyes. But his don't seem to move that much. Someday am gonna tell him that he restored my memory .
. Hope to see you soon.
And just talk even if I dont answer. Tell me how stubborn they are tomorrow.
... . A heartbroken Jane could not even keep her self together at his funeral. Alexa, smiling, not knowing what was really happening. Alex back to his normal self, quiet as ever,with his eyes wide open.

A few months later, doctors discovered that Alex was actually blind.
... It's now been ten years . The twins only remember their father through tales.
Alexa can see his photos.
Alex just runs hands on his father's pictures and holds them tight next to his heart..


© 2019 Amani Utembu