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A Little Talented Artist

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Ahmed was a poor, but noble man. He lived in a small house with his wife and son. He was employed in a shoe factory for many years. Ahmed was hardworking and honest.
He used to spend his earnings carefully. His wife was also a thrifty woman. She used to save some money every month from Ahmed's salary. Ahmed was very content with his simple but peaceful life.
Ahmad's only gifted son Asad was a seventh-standard student.
He used to make such beautiful pictures that everyone would stare. One day he asked Baba for a bicycle: "Many of my friends also have bicycles. Baba! Give me a bicycle too."
"Okay!" Ahmed put his hand on his chest and said: "Wait until the fifth of next month."

Asad did not swell with happiness.
Ahmed got his salary today. He kept the salary envelope in his pocket and came out of the factory happily. The bus stop was five minutes away from the factory. Ahmed's intention was to go to the supermarket and buy a bicycle from there.
He was thinking about how happy Asad would be to see the new bicycle. He was just some distance from the bus stop when a motorcycle stopped near him. Two men wearing helmets were riding on the bike. One of them was called Ahmed. Show him a pistol and empty his pockets.
The ground went out from under Ahmad's feet. Along with the salary and the time money also went out of hand.
When Ahmad entered the house, he found Asad waiting for him. His face glowed.
"Dad! My bicycle?" Asad asked in a complaining way.

Ahmed made a fake smile on his face and said: "Hey... Seth Sahib didn't come today, so I couldn't get my salary today."
After Asad went to sleep, Ahmed told his wife about today's accident. The wife showed great patience.
She did not worry herself, nor did she let Ahmed worry more. She said: "Don't worry at all. I have saved something. The house expenses will go, but there will be no money left for the bicycle."
The next day Ahmed entered the house and saw that Asad was sitting on a throne in the yard and was busy making drawings.
When Asad saw Baba entering the house, he got up and greeted him politely. Ahmed was also surprised that Asad did not ask about the bicycle today. Mother was also surprised.
Asad said: "Dad! A painting competition is being organized in our school.
The first prize is ten thousand, the second prize is five thousand and the third prize is two and a half thousand rupees. I want to practice well, maybe the picture I made will get the first prize.
Ahmed encouraged his son: "Why not, if you work hard, you will definitely succeed."
Asad added: "You will not buy a bicycle now, first I finish this competition, then you will give me a bicycle."
Ahmed started thinking it was good to go and got more time to buy a bicycle.
A week passed and today was the painting competition day at school.
A competition was organized on the school ground. Asad was sure that he would win.
Asad depicted a setting sun on the horizon where the sea meets the sky, accompanied by ships and birds.
Asad used colors very skillfully, which made his picture very attractive. Asad completed his picture before the allotted time. After the competition, the winners' names were announced: "First Prize Noman Ahmed of eighth grade was declared the rightful one.
Asad's color became dull. He was sitting with his head bowed. Now the name of the artist who won the second prize was being called: "In this competition, Asad Ahmed of the seventh grade has been declared entitled to the second prize."
Asad's face fell open.
His disappointment turned into sheer joy. Ahmed was given a beautiful commemorative shield and Rs.5,000 as prize money.
Asad waited impatiently till evening for Baba to come. He didn't even tell Mom. After Baba came, he said: "Baba and Mom! I have good news for both of you."
Both of you close your eyes.
Mom and Dad closed their eyes. Asad took out an envelope from his trouser pocket and placed it between them and said: "Now you guys can open your eyes."
"What is this?" Both asked in surprise.

"Open it and see!" Asad replied. Ahmed opened the envelope and five thousand rupee notes came out.
"Where did you get so much money from?" Ahmed asked in surprise.
"My painting has won the second prize.
Asad proudly said: "Baba, there is no need to worry about money now, you can use this money for household expenses, I am not in such a hurry to buy a bicycle, you can get it for me next month." are.”
"But how did you know that Baba is worried about money?" Saira asked.

"I didn't sleep that day mom! I had heard everything about Baba and you. The next day when the competition was announced at school, I immediately decided to participate."
He became proud of Asad. Ahmed and Saira went ahead and hugged Asad.