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A Story Where a Simple Pair of Sunglasses Plays an Important Role

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Night had fallen and there was still no sight of Harry. As time lapsed by, I was more and more frightened. The search for Harry had started three hours ago but to no result. The two police officers were searching every nook and corner of the forest for him.

It all started at two o'clock in the afternoon. Our class had gone hiking in the forest to admire its captivating scenery full of fauna and flora. Harry, curious by nature, would stop at everything that caught his attention. During the hike, Harry stopped to take several pictures and told us to go ahead without him and that he would join us later. Five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes, and yet he did not come back! My heart was pounding. I was sweating more with fright than with the heat. Anxious, I returned to the spot where I had left him. Harry was not there. Nor was he anywhere nearby! I was shouting his name hysterically, hoping that he would respond but in vain. To worsen the situation, there was no network in the forest. So, I could forget the idea of calling him.

Immediately, I dashed to where the teacher was to inform him that Harry was missing. After half an hour of searching, the teacher gave up and agreed to call the police. When night had fallen, the hope of finding Harry was dim. The other students had returned home while I stayed with the teacher and the police officers. I was wondering where in the world could Harry be! The forest was so silent that I could hear the crunch of my shoes on the ground. Exhaustion lay heavy on me but I shoved it aside. I was out of breath but I still did not stop, I would not, not until I found Harry.

Arriving in the middle of the forest, there were two paths: one to the left and one to the right. The right one was broader and clearer. The left one was narrow and full of broken branches and dead leaves. My instinct was telling me to go left but the police officers told me otherwise. I was about to go through the right path when I suddenly glimpsed something in the corner of my eye. As quick as lightning, I jerked my head around to look and my eyes fell on a pair of sunglasses. Without hesitation, I darted towards it. It was Harry's sunglasses! I could not fail to recognise his sunglasses as we had bought two pairs of them together. I immediately informed the police officers and we went through the left path. After five minutes of walking, we came to a halt when we saw a small cave. Immediately, we entered it and found Harry inside. I ran to him and hugged him as tightly as I could.

He explained to us that he was lost and decided to seek refuge in the cave. I told him how genius his idea of keeping his sunglasses at the entrance of the cave was as his sunglasses led us to him. He was still spooked and drenched but at least alive!

We then returned home and thanked the police officers for their unwavering support. As much as I was relieved, I was also furious for his downright recklessness. Never in my life did I think that a pair of sunglasses could be this important

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