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A Story Where a Broken Light Plays an Important Part

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- a student who likes to write -16 years old -love reading - a potterhead

A broken light

People were mumbling and chuckling. The employees were giggling. This seemed to be a usual and ordinary day at the bank. People went in while others went out of the bank. Little did they know that danger was lurking near them.

Few feet away from the bank, a black and peculiar van was stationed behind a tree. Twenty strong and muscular men came out of the van. All of them were armed with guns in their hands and knives. Their intentions were undoubtedly perilous and threatening. It seemed that they were well-prepared and were waiting for this day to come for a long time. All of them were wearing a mask so as their identity would not be revealed. The tallest man who was their leader was walking ahead of them.

Some passers-by were observing them without being too obvious to not catch their attention. As soon as the twenty men entered the bank, they locked the door to prevent anybody from escaping. A look of shock and terror appeared on the people' face. Immediately, they all started running haphazardly for their lives. Of course, a hostage situation at the bank was not how they wanted to spend their day. They were petrified and anxious. Even the employees of the bank took to their heels. To their horror, the sound of a gunshot echoed in the room and Sam, a Bank employee, fell the floor. Blood was oozing from his head. Everybody went still and a frightening silence broke in the room. The leader, with his gun in his hand, warned them to stop their whining and snivelling. He also added that anybody who tried to escape or dare to inform the police would have to bear his wrath and suffer the same fate as Sam. Out of fear, nobody dared to breathe heavily.

Immediately, half of the bandits stayed in the entrance room to prevent any escape. The others ordered the Manager to lead them to the bank's locker while pointing a gun at his head. The leader strutted about the room while bellowing orders at his subordinates. Time lapsed by, and the hostages were shivering with fear. Quarter an hour later, the leader and the subordinates returned in the room with bags full of money. All of a sudden the mask of the leader fell and everybody stared at him. The worse arrived when the leader laughing hysterically told them that he would have to kill them all as they are now eye-witnesses to his identity. Many of them burst in crying and muffled screams were heard in the room. Others were on the verge of fighting back when another gunshot was heard.

This time, by accident, one the subordinates shot the main tube lights of the room. As it was night time, the whole room was now dark. Before the bandits could adjust to the darkness, the bank employees and the customers, quick-witted by nature, seized this golden opportunity to save their lives. The passers-by who had noticed the bandits entering the bank had already informed the police. Now the police have barricaded the bank. The hostages took advantage of the darkness and followed the employees who knew every nook and corner of the bank. They went through the back door of the bank quietly but surely. The armed men were giving orders to each other and were fuming with anger, but they did not know where to go as they were in complete darkness. The police entered the bank through the back door and took the bandits by surprise. The police officers were in much greater number than the bandits.

Fortunately, with the help of a torch, the policemen arrested all twenty thieves. Everybody was still in shock from this incident. However, an employee did lose his life from this incident. The bank reinforced his security. Everybody was grateful for the broken light as otherwise, they would be dead.