A Sad Poem to Accompany Your Tears

Updated on September 28, 2016


As the first petal she peeled,

For the impact her mind she steeled,

She remembered the first time on his knees he went,

How he had always supported her, when down her life went,

With torment in her eyes, she peeled the second petal,

And with that she remembered his eyes, as cold as metal,

She remembered that scornful look on his face,

Like her presence, to him, somehow was a disgrace,

As the third petal from the stalk she slit,

She remembered the first time his hand was raised for a hit,

The first time she felt, that his love was a bane,

His first gift to her, the black colour that now her eyes stained,

As she pulled the fourth petal, with a look wise,

She remembered, how deceiving could be a monster's apologetic eyes,

The first time sorry he whispered in her ears, it was a lie,

All the moments were false, all the time in his love she cry,

With last petal she pulled, the destruction of the first flower he gave her was nigh,

Now that finally she had nothing of him, she could peacefully die,

For all she was, a punching bag to him,

Now he had to find a coffin, that could fit his wife's body slim....

A broken heart, kept together only through art....
A broken heart, kept together only through art....


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    • NamanGoel97 profile image

      Naman Goel 18 months ago from Bathinda, Punjab, India

      Thnx a lot Jodah

    • profile image

      Naman 18 months ago

      Thnx a lot Jodah

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 18 months ago from Queensland Australia

      This is a very sad piece of poetry, but very real situation. Good work.