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A Piece of Advice-a Short Story

A piece of advice-A short story

This story was told to me by my father. The story begins with a merchant. A merchant lived in a country. He used to spend most of his time in traveling. Once when he was traveling, he passed by a very busy market in a country. There he saw strange things, but what surprised him the most was a talking parrot. The characteristic of this parrot was that it remembered what it heard once and spoke in whatever language it heard.

The merchant was so impressed that he bought the parrot at the asking price and returned home. The merchant bought a very expensive and beautiful cage for the parrot and locked the parrot in it. This feature of the parrot also impressed the whole family of the merchant. The children were especially happy. They just got a toy. They would teach the parrot new things and take him in front of their father and when they asked the parrot to speak, the parrot would speak fluently.

That caused of joy for the merchant.

Whenever the merchant set out on a journey, the parrot would ask him where he was going this time, and on his return it would ask about the place and inquire about the merchant's well-being.

Two years had passed. The parrot kept the heart of the whole family. The merchant and his family also took great care of the parrot. Its cage was regularly cleaned and its food was taken care of.

One day the merchant was ready to go on a business trip again. As usual, the parrot asked the merchant the same question as he was about to set out on the journey. The merchant told it that this time he was going to the same country from where he had bought the parrot. The parrot asked the merchant that if he was going to this country, there would be a big tree in the forest on the way to this country. All the relatives of the parrot were there on that tree. The parrot requested the merchant to convey it’s greet to them.

The merchant agreed and left. As he was walking through the forest, he remembered his parrot's message. He thought that as he was passing by, he should also give the parrot's message.

When he reached the place mentioned by his parrot, he got down from his horse and saw that there were many parrots on the tree. He became convinced that this was the place his parrot had mentioned. He reached under the tree and said in a loud voice, "I am a merchant and one of your parrots has sent greetings to all of you." Hearing this, all the parrots became silent. An old parrot heard this and fell down from the branch and died.

The merchant was very sorry that a parrot died suddenly in front of him. But he went ahead and got busy.

When he returned home several weeks later, the parrot asked the merchant the same question and inquired about the merchant's well-being and the place. The parrot also asked the merchant if he had delivered the message. The merchant told it that he had delivered the message. But suddenly an old parrot heard the greeting and fell down and died.

Upon hearing this, the merchant's parrot also fell and died. The merchant was very sorry that his message killed two parrots. The merchant took the parrot out of the cage and threw it out. As soon as he released the parrot from his hands, the parrot flew and sat on the wall of the merchant's house. The merchant was amazed at the parrot's cunning. The merchant asked the parrot what was the matter.

The parrot said, "O merchant! I was in your captivity. I did not understand any way of freedom from here. The greeting I sent meant that I could tell my family that I was in your prison. My family's old parrot didn't die. In fact, he pretended to die and told me how to be free.” After saying that, it flew and returned to its loved ones.

When my father told me this story, he also told me that people who learn something from the experiences of their elders are the ones who never fail.

© 2020 Muhammad Rizwan