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A Love Confession

Amani is a university student who loves writing. I have been writing since I was twelve. I love writing.


I get lost just looking at you. I don't know what happens but I just can't help but smile with my eyes closed.

There's this feeling of satisfaction that just flashes by, and the thought that you are mine just makes my heart smile.
. I always knew that love was dangerous, kinda poisonous too. I didn't believe it at first but it's really catching up on me. I can feel that blood rushing a little bit faster when you hugging me.
I really should have gotten used to this but everytime feels like the first time.
I get lost just staring into you eyes.
I get confused when you rub your hand against mine.
And the honest confusion when your heart's beating against mine.
.. I can't be mad at you if even I pretend to be at times. I honestly just do that so that hold on to me saying sorry for things you haven't done.
Every day is a just but a day when you not around. An empty day.
You are my obsession. You are mine.
I love you more every passing day.
Being with you is like watching the sunrise every day and never getting tired of waiting for the next day to see it all over again.

I'll never get tired of loving you and saying I love.
I have ran out of words how very important you are in my life.
I can't start explaining how special you make me feel..
I know our love is meant to last...
Love you more than the wolves do the site of the moon.

I just hope you'll still be mine even after whatever is after eternity . I love you like I never wanna stop breathing

© 2019 Amani Utembu

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