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A Journey to Hope!

Alan is a writer. He is an experise in addressing deep human emotions.


Departure From Grays

It is a busy day in Grays railway station. Its not a routine weekend for the passengers. Christmas is in two days and most of the commuters are heading home or planning to visit their dear ones. Most of the train tickets to London were sold a month before. It is not unusually cold today, one may not witness a snow fall but, it is not at all comfortable to go out without jackets and safety gears for winter. X-mas is in the air! The station premises were obsessed with season greetings. A Carol song is being played in the background in a feeble sound 'Joy to the world, the lord has come!' As it is five past nine, the train departed to Berrylands.


A Trip in Uncertainty!

The train had a destination, but a few people in 7th compartment nearly lost their 'landing place' in life. Riya was the youngest among them in the compartment to travel to London. A jovial college girl in her first year who masked her anxiety with a smile. Her eyes were glued to the world outside the moving train eventhough the sights of swans swimming across the river and distant views of settlements were not a rare vision to her. No chatters inside the compartment seems to gain her attention. She just escaped into her own 'wilderness'.

Sitting next to her is a journalist named Richard. He seem to much attached to his cell phone in the journey. Texting his advocate about hearing of his case in Family court. He has reported several hearings in the family court related to the family separation or abuse in a relationship. But this is a different story. This might be the last day he could see the face of his son. He came to know his wife is hving a plan to migrate to Italy. Then it would be difficult for a toddler to recognise him even if he go to Italy and find him some years later. It was not his mistake that a few masked men attacked their house while he was away to report a crime that took place in the nearby village. One of the investigation stories he submitted was about the flow of drugs into school children and a few rackets behind it. It threw some light into the Narcotic departments investigation and a few were arrested. His wife hated his job. She is a Freenlance Architect and loved a rather peaceful profession and expected the same from her partner. ''Life was much easy while we were dating'' Richard told to himself with a deep breath.

Riya lost in thoughts

Riya lost in thoughts

Sitting opposite to them, is a couple in their early fifties, Abraham and Elice. Abraham is a second stage blood cancer patient, going for his treatment in London Medical Centre. During the initial treatment days, he was optimistic and believed he would return to his normal life. Days passed by and he seems to lost his strength. They run a crepe cafe and he is not able to focus on it. His wife Elice on the other hand, is trying her best to engage him in daily chores of cafe and make him energetic. She strongly believes her husband will get cured soon. Though the couple is fighting a deadly disease together, no one could read it from their face. Abraham occassionally gazes through the window, Elice would pass him an orange which he peels it and share it with her.

An Interesting Passenger!

The train stopped at Upmister station, which is not a busy station. Some trains skip this station and a crowd is not expected here. From there, a guy in his early thirties boards the train. He was holding a brown coloured office bag.He sat at his reserved seat, have a look through the window and said 'Thank Lord!'.

''What is there to thank god?'' asked Riya.

"I woke up healthy today, board the train without fail, and we have a wonderful weather today!" the answer came without delay.

"Isn't it normal?" Richard enquired after placing his phone inside his suit.

"Well there are a lot who isn't as previleged as us to wake up healthily, catch their own train, enjoy this weather" Answered the young man with a smile.

"So, according to you, everyday must be a miracle!"This query was from Elice.

"I'm receiving blessings from my father and grateful for that. Indeed everyday is a miracle for me" the reponse seems to please Elice.

"I'm Joshua, Jr psychologist practising in London. I help people fight their problems." The young man introduced himself.

"Everyone will be fighting their own battle. Could you settle everyone's problems?" Riya doubted.

"I can redirect you, if i can't solve it, my father in heaven will settle it for you?". Joshua reacted.

" I'm a first year college student in St. Antonys College in London. I could only afford the education just because of a scholarship i was offered,but it might get cancelled due to poor grades. Due to an accident that took place recently, i couldn't prepare well in exams. I have an appoinment with our head of department today. Im afraid i might have to break my education." After saying this, Riya was nearly in tears.

"I think if u could join social servie or any volunteering schemes, it could sustain your scholarship. I have clients from that college." Joshua comforted her.

" But the date for last application is over, i think. I wished to be a part of it, but couldn't apply due to my medical condition" Riya explained.

"Just enquire about it." Joshua added "Remember god will never let you down".


"Richard, you look a bit disturbed" Joshua enquired. "I'm a family man with a 2 year old daughter. Most probably today will be last day i could see my kid's face.I can't believe i'm sharing it here"Richard continued "By the way, how do you know my name?". " I have friends in media and i have seen you multiple times hanging out with them. Also, i came to know about an attack towards your house." The response came suddenly.

"Yeah, that is true! I'm heading to the family court in London. That attack had triggered this divorce!" Richard replied in a helpless tone.

"Richard, don't lose hope! I've seen families nearly parted re-joined outside court.Your wife might have some insecuities. I can understand that. Could you please read Luke chapter 10 verse 4 ?" Joshua reacted

" I'm sorry, but i'm having only an E- bible in my phone, is that fine?" Richard doubted

"As long as it is word of god, it doesn't matter!" Joshua clarified.

" Do not take a purse or bag or sandals" Richard Paused

"A purse, bag and a sandal is what the world trusts, whereas a son of god should trust in the lord. God is the only backup you need. God protects your family. Richard, please go to court with a light heart. Thank me later." Joshua concluded.

"I have't experienced a last minute miracles, but i shall trust this time" Richard replied.

"Hi Joshua, you told you are working in London, actually we are also heading to London for my treatment. If your hospital is near LMC, we could share a cab" Abraham enquired.

"My hospital is near LMC, but i don't need a cab today" Joshua added " Don't worry about a cab. You will experience much more today. "

"Actually, i didn't get that!" Abraham exclaimed.

"If you give up, the battle is half lost. Never lose your spirit. God will do wonders and Welcome to London!" Joshua reacted

Joshua along with many passengers alighted at London station. Riya reached her college and rushed to administrative block to meet her HOD. One of her seniors interrupted her and asked "There is a new spot for Red Cross Volunteer. One of our Volunteers got transferred to another University. I've kept it aside for you, if you're interested, please let me know before today 5 pm."

Riya received a daily verse notification from bible app " See, i have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me.: Isiah 49:16"

While Richard was rushing towards family court, his advocate told him that Richard's wife and daughter not yet arrived and it is almost time to initiate court proceedings. Richard received a call from his wife " Richard! our daughter falls ill today morning.She is crying and wants to see you. If you could come, it would be better. We are in King James Hospital" .

Richard took a cab to the hospital and instructed advocate to inform him about the next proceedings. Richard reached the hospital and it was a heart melting re-union for them. His daughter is now recovering. While he moved to Pharmacy to buy medicines, he received a notification from his bible app which said "Your wife will be like a fruitful vine within your house. Your children will be like olive shoots around your table : Psalms 128:3"

Abraham and Elice reached London Medical Centre. Abraham's blood was taken for a routine check up. While waiting for the results, Elice received a bible verse card from an evangelist passing by which said "...... by his wounds we are healed : isiah 53:5". "I think, i already know the result" she told herself and she was not wrong.

Its almost 11 am in London railway station and a routine call on ticket cancellation disturbed the station. "Hello, I'm Joshua , I booked a ticket to London from Upminster in the train starting from Grays at around 9 am and return ticket too. I couldn't board the train due to poor health. I know its quite late, but could i atleast cancel my return ticket?"

"In which compartment?"

"7" Joshua replied

"i'm sorry sir, as per our records, a person named Joshua board the train from Upminster in your compartment! We can work on refunding the return ticket.Thank you!"

The song 'Joy to the world' was still in air!

© 2022 Alan Cherian Rajan

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