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A Harsh Lesson

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There is nothing to be done it seems, what I had within me I have lost and there seems no way to retrieve it. Once I was a heroic man, or at least I thought I was, but now it seems all those naysayers were right. There isn’t anything they could have said, I was so sure I was in the right. Banish the elves and dwarves and every other thing that stepped foot in our city, it matters not if they die of starvation! Our city, or so I thought, was for us and any who tried to take it was no better than the monsters that would skirmish against our walls. This, of course, as I have learned only caused us to be here, now, our city walls have fallen and my citizens have been slaughtered or run in fear, and likely slaughtered anyway. Now, now those beasts scream and scratch at my castle door and my blood runs from this wound. There must be a way for my family to escape, I might be as bad as the monsters pressing at my door. That thought it seems might be my last as I collapse and see my family rush through the back passage of my throne room. But no as the beasts burst through I sill live, and they fall upon me, tearing into me, I see it now over there that one has my arm and this one here is gnawing on my leg. My consciousness begins to fade as I hear shouting and see these monsters slain above me and a dwarf come into view. He mutters, “Well at least I didn’t have to save you.” My sight dies and I know this man and likely others have come to save my people, I wish them well in my final breath.

© 2018 David

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