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A Good Hearted Fairy

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Once upon a time, there was a sailor, who had a beautiful house on the bank of a river. He had a very intelligent parrot, he was not only beautiful but also told people the solution to their problems. His fame spread far and wide. It had spread.

One day the sailor was fishing and suddenly a very beautiful golden fish came in his net when the sailor started biting it, suddenly the fish started saying leave me, leave me. The sailor was surprised to see the fish talking like a normal person. left

As the sailor was basically a kind-hearted person, he took pity on the golden fish and released it into the water. A jinn made me a golden fish by his magic and said that if someone catches you and eats you or leaves you, it is good that I fell into the hands of a good person.

Maybe if it was someone else, he would have bitten and eaten me, if I can be of any use to you in life, remember me. I will help you. Saying this, she flew away.
One day the king of that country went hunting. He spent the whole day in search of hunting and he came near the sailor's house while passing through the forest.

When his soldiers told him about this rare parrot, he was surprised and wanted to see it. The king liked this parrot very much. He called the sailor to the court and asked him to give me this rare parrot. The sailor was very upset. He said, "king, I love this parrot more than my own life, how can I give it to you?"

Then the king said, I will build you a palace, but still the sailor did not agree, so the king said, then my condition is that you answer my two questions, if you cannot answer my questions, then this parrot And if you answer, then I will not only let the parrot stay with you but also give you so much wealth and wealth that your seven generations will live very luxuriously.

The sailor asked what those two questions are.
The king said, "My first question is, what is the thing that is next to each other? My second question is, what are the two things that first become 4, then 2, and then 3?" The king asked him for a week. Given time.

After hearing these questions from the king, Mullah came home and started to worry. He kept thinking about these two questions all the time. His nights were sleepless, but he did not get the answers to these questions. Finally, the parrot also found its owner. He looked worried.

One day he asked what is the matter, tell me so that I can solve your problem. The sailor told him about his problem and said that tomorrow is the last day and that if I do not tell the king the answers to these questions by tomorrow morning. , then he will take you forever.

The parrot was thinking. Suddenly he thought that a few days ago the sailor had told him the story of the golden fish. He said that he should seek help from this good-hearted fairy. As soon as the thought of the fairy came, he thought and remembered her. After a while. The fairy appeared. The sailor told the fairy about the whole incident with the king.

The fairy told the sailor the answers to both questions in a minute, he thanked the fairy and slept very comfortably at night. Early in the morning, when the king's servants reached the sailor, he accompanied them to the court. The king was thinking that the sailor did not know the answers to these questions.

Now he will hand over his rare parrot to me. He asked, "Have you brought the answers to my two questions?" The answer is that they are day and night that follow each other.

You asked the second question, what is the thing that first becomes 4, then 2, and then 3, so the answer is, that thing is human legs. First, when a human being is a small child, he walks with two hands and two feet. That is, he walks with four things, then when he grows up, he walks with his legs, and when he becomes old, he walks with two legs and a crutch, that is, three things.

The king was surprised to hear this answer from the sailor. When he asked who told you the answers to these questions, he told the story of the good-hearted fairy. So the king gave up the decision to get the parrot and asked the sailor. He gave a lot of wealth.