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A Freak Like Me

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Student of economics and business, passionate writer and naturalist. Always wandering around...

He is a freak like me. He loves to dance, but doesn't know how...Still, I don't care, because he loves to dance. He loves to drive on a highway in the night underneath the tall skyscrapers that almost touch the stars... Sometimes we don't have a car or bicycles, but we are still there, raising our heads on their enormous height, feeling so small, so lost in this city...


He loves to steal a flower from someones garden just so he could see it in my hair. And he loves our wooden bench at the big green park in the center of the town. He loves making me laugh there...And making snow angels in the late winter hours.

... feeling so small, so lost in this city...

And he loves to travel in oblivion, deceive the time and fate, hide from life...He loves that, just like me, to disappear in the sunset. He loves the sun and its sunrise, nature and its woods. He loves to climb, so we often visit the mountain near our city, breathing the life of trees.


He loves my mornings and my evenings. He loves me.

But...Where is he?

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