He Was Her Blue Butterfly 1 - Short Story.

Updated on November 14, 2018



A slim girl of 19 years who was studying, in university. A mischievous, kind-hearted and funny girl. Jane liked adventures and her mischievousness sometimes made her more vulnerable to danger. She had a very strict family background more inclined towards studies. Fun was less welcomed and the norm that all the children must respect their parents was prevalent in the semi-urban village she lived. She had a unique habit of loving butterflies from her childhood. As she began to grow she would say to all of her friends that she would represent her prince by the name of Blue Butterfly.


A smart and clever boy who was, an Engineer by profession. Ivan’s family background was also similar to that of Jane’s. However as Ivan was the elder son of the family the societies and his family’s expectations on him, was so high.

The love story

They met each other on social media. And they began to love each other more every day. It was a long distance relationship and after one and a half years yearning here they meet, on the way to Jane’s university which was 108 km far from the hometown in which she lived. They had no idea how this journey is going to change their lives!

The story.

One fine gloomy day in September; the day awaited by a loving couple for one and half years, the wind seemed so cold while the two loving hearts earnestly waited to meet each other’s eyes. For Jane it had been a very long sleepless night waited for the dawn. At last, it came. With fluttering wings of a blue butterfly, she was so fresh and active. And still, her mind wandered about the dress she had chosen to wear. Will he admire it/ or will he just ignore it or will he say that is splendid. Thousands of questions floated in Jane’s mind whilst a slight thought of the long journey she’s going to have with her beloved made her excited. After all, she was dressed and stood in front of the mirror admiring her own self. To the loud call of her mom, Jane ran upstairs forgetting to give a final touch of the red lipstick she had prepared to wear for the journey. She quickly took a sip of the tea her mom had prepared for her and quickly gulped a pinch of a pizza. Then, Jane made her way to her room to get out the gift she had prepared for her man the whole night. She examined it quickly whether it looked nice and was wondering a bit whether it looked like more of a child’s work.

Then the time came to leave home and catch the bus. The cold winter wind brushed her face and the very thought of meeting Ivan together gave a chill through her spine. At last, she got the bus at 8:45 am and was waiting for him excitedly while reserving a seat for him next to her. Jane heard the conductor announce that the bus will be taking off at 9:05 am. Soon Jane received a call from Ivan and he talked in a worried manner. Jane just exclaimed for the sound of the buses and the routine sellers in the surrounding and Ivan explained that he will be getting onto the bus halfway. Once again Jane was very excited for the thoughts that ran in her mind whether Ivan will get into the bus or by probably any of other causes will he be missing the bus???...

Yes, they meet!

At last for Jane’s relief, she saw Ivan waving the hand to the driver and getting onto the bus. And he sat beside her. Jane’s heart was still beating vigorously. The thought of seeing her dream boy after long period rushed her mind to give him a hug or just hold his hand tightly. However, at the same time, her mind ordered her to maintain a bit of modesty.

The bus seemed much crowded and the couple did not feel comfortable enough to talk to each other. Both exchanged only one or two words for a particular period of time. As the time passed by, the couple began to feel bit relaxed and comfortable. Ivan just inquired whether he had become fat than the last time Jane saw him. Jane was admitting that he had become fatter. During the meeting plan, Jane had requested a T-Shirt of him so that she could smell him and never get the feeling of missing him. She just touched his shirt with a bit of shyness to ensure that he has worn the T-shirt she had requested under the ash striped shirt with an inner pink collar he had worn. He just gave a comment “your shawl looks nice” she was satisfied to an extent. Then, Ivan asked Jane whether she doesn’t want to hold his hand. With a face full of shyness Jane gave her hand.

Drenched in Love ❤

An unknown feeling of closeness engulfed the couple. Both were breathing heavily as a sign of relief accompanied by love. Both exchanged love looks and had some laughing moments together. The climate and the missing thought they had been having for a long, encouraged the couple to have a bit of romance as well. With a shy and sharp look, Ivan asked Jane whether he can feel her thighs. With full of shyness, she admitted. The very touch of him made her struggle bit. Then, Ivan gently took Jane’s hand and kept on his thighs, stomach and chest letting her examine and feel the warmth of her beloved. Jane felt an inexplicable rush in her mind to hug and kiss him. Jane held Ivan’s hand and held his thumb tightly as if she never wanted to leave. She lifted his hand slowly with the mindset of kissing him on his hand as her brain waves urged her to. However the excitement, fear and shyness stopped her. Jane just noticed that her hand being taken and a gentle kiss is being given on the middle finger with wet and cold lips. Jane’s happiness was a far from this world. And she just smiled to herself realizing how perfect the man was to her. Of course, now, Jane gained the courage to fulfil her wish. She gently lifted his hand without fear and gave a hard kiss while smelling Ivan’s hand with the gentleness of her love. Time seemed to fly faster now. Both just wanted to pause their moments together. Ivan just gave a word to Jane that she could lie on his shoulder if she wishes. With full of shyness and with a fear of flying time Jane slowly bent and kept her head on his shoulder. Jane felt Home. She was wondering as if heaven had come to earth. The days she’d been missing him, unfulfilled dreams and everything was just fulfilled all at once. Jane wished that this moment would last forever. She slowly closed her eyes while realizing that Ivan’s finger is moving on her cheeks and then to lips. The shyness which engulfed her, made her bite his finger with a smile and a frown.

The bus stopped at a halt for the tea break. The crowd in the bus slowly began to get down. They did not feel the urge of either hunger or thirst. The only thing they felt was the overflowing love towards each other. Then, Ivan again asked Jane as if he could touch and feel her. Jane could not explain the way she felt. Totally submerged in love the couple felt the warmth of each other. Jane was almost out of this world. Her excitement and love let her allow Ivan to feel her. Then, with the contentment of each other, the romance came to a halt as the destination was also nearby.

Jane got down and made her way to fulfil her obligations and Ivan made his way as well. Both were messaging each other in that very short break which also filled the missing gap in between.

(To be continued….)

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