A Cold Night of Death

Updated on July 14, 2018

Tears crept slowly down her face as she crouched in the only corner of the room she felt safe. Her throat hurt with the heaviness of the cry she wanted to so badly let out. To cry out was to call attention to herself. A scraping noise behind her caused her to jump but her mouth was still sealed shut with fear. Turning to the source of the noise, her eyes fell on the soaked shirt that used to be white but was now brownish. A small sigh escaped her lips as she looked up at her friend. Better brownish than the crimson red of blood

‘I thought I lost you too.’ He whispered.

‘I also did. What are we-’ the sentence caught in her throat. I thought I lost you too, he had said. ‘Too’ meant he had lost someone already. ‘Too’ meant-

Realization hit her as a new wave of tears welled up. Three of them started playing this stupid game.

‘He’s dead?’

‘Gutted like a bloody animal.’ He replied too loudly. ‘We should never have come-,’

She heard the scream before she saw the small spot that had turned red on his shirt. She didn’t even stop to think as she scrambled to her feet and started to run.

To wait is to die

To play is to die

Weaving through the doorways, she ran sped on. They had heard stories of people going in here and never coming back. Fear made people stay away but they were fearless. Now only one remained. All she had to do was make it out of the door. But the house suddenly seemed like a maze to her. And it felt like she had passed this particular doorway she just ran through thrice already.

Footsteps chased her as she ran.

Don’t. Stop. Running!

Her heart threatened to burst out of its cage.

Don’t. Stop.

Something on the floor tripped her, the footsteps drawing closer.


She crawled despite herself, clawing her way through. Her eyes caught what she had been looking for- the door.

Re-energized, she dragged herself off the floor and raced for the door. Her finger had barely grazed the handle when she felt the coldness on the back of her neck followed by a searing hot pain.

Too. Close. To. Give. Up.

All she had to do was step out the door. She mustered all the strength within her despite the thing tugging at her, lashing at her back. The door gave slightly. She slid her left foot through the crack.

She gasped as she came to, her forehead soaked with sweat. She had never had a nightmare this bad Thankfully it was all a dream. As she rose off the bed, pain shot through her entire back. It felt as though she had been slashed with knives all over. Her fingers went up her back and she brought it up to her face.

The all too familiar crimson redness of blood stared back at her.

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    © 2018 Leo J Wicks


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