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A Closed Shop (Horror Story)

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The Author is a creative writer and has penned down smattering poems and fictional stories .


A deserted road deep in the night, this was normal since last month as a nationwide lockdown was imposed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. A middle aged alcoholic man named Stuart was roaming alone on the streets quite luckily with no deputies around to restrain him in search of a beer bottle which he was craving for. He fought with his wife because of growing frustrations and left his house that night in vain. However, he failed to find any liquor nearby as none of the shops in the near space were open. He was murmuring slowly, "i really need a drink...i really need a drink" while becoming increasingly frustrated and starved in search of what was his herb.

Suddenly he came across a liquor shop which had been closed for several years. It was a well known and successful place of its time until a calamity happened and a legend grew that the owner and his nephew's spirit still reside in the shop after they were shot fatally years ago by some of their adversaries in some quarrel. Everyone was frightened to enter the shop as some unprecedented events occurred which gave weight to this legend , even the ministry ordered to keep it closed for the time being.

Stuart stood right in front of the shop looking at the board with his gluttonous eyes . He could hear some noise but wasn't able to figure out. Few moments later, he realised that the shutter of the shop was coming up and a striking light came out. Stuart heard some voices calling him inside to have a beer with them. He was hesitant to move ahead but his gluttonous mind was getting the better of him. At last, the curiosity killed the cat and he started walking towards the shop. The shutter came upwards by a little more and he bend down, got inside the shop and grabbed a beer bottle. A sound of glasses noise came from inside and it seemed he was indeed having a good time inside with a glass full of rum


The next morning... a security personnel was taking rounds of the street and he saw a hand lying there outside the shutter of that closed store and a broken beer bottle beside it. He called for more security and with great difficulty, multiple men managed to open the shutter a bit and drag out the man.

The man was Stuart, who went inside the shop at night and now is lying here motionless. A local resident arrived on the spot and said, " He must have gone inside which was a suicidal thing to do, those two spirits don't let anyone come out of there alive which is why that shop has been closed for years". They requested the security manager to lock down the shop for which he was hesitant at first but obliged after multiple requests. No one has come near it since the anecdote of Stuart's falling to his gluttony......

© 2021 Sid S

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