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A Circle of Girls (Alice)


I had only one friend called Margaret Ofosuwaa Ameyaw in primary school, I had recently been taken out of one school to another, then I was assigned to sit with Margaret in my new school. Margaret was my best friend then.

But back at church I was part of this 4 group friendship, and you know how every girl group have one single girl who was ugly? Yes! I was that girl. For the sake of this story I won’t use their actual names, so let’s call them Alice, Jennifer, Mabel and me Akosua.


I was closer to her than the others cause we were of the same age she was everything I wasn’t, tall, slim and beautiful plus she wore the right outfits and had the boys dying for her. She also went to the best school and sometimes I envied her, Alice was the first person to take me to Accra mall actually i followed her there, we were suppose to be at a church program but she had met one guy who had asked her to meet him Accra mall and also asked her to bring a friend for his friend. We got there and this guy’s friend took a look at me and just vanished. But I had always wanted to Accra Mall so I was just happy I could tag along.

I didn’t care that I was third wheeling, I just followed her wherever she and this guy went and all they did was to walk around, a lot. One thing I noticed about Alice then was that she forced slurred a lot, and kept wondering what she was doing that, was it because of the boy? (He was a half caste by the way).

I couldn’t always go out with Alice, my mum wouldn’t allow it so most of the time she went with the other girls or some other friends she had, but she will always come back with tales and I always envied those tales.

Alice changed when we grew up and went to Senior High School, she didn’t change that much in the first year though, she came with tales of dating a senior and also entering into a beauty pageant where she won (typical Alice). But In our second year she gave her life to Christ.

I remember she practically forced me to baptize during that vacation, according to her, she had a dream which featured God, Jesus and the many angels. She also saw some key musicians who had also been thrown to hell, in short Alice went to both heaven and hell and came back with a mix tape. Our friendship was never the same afterwards.

I began to see less and less of Alice, she wasn’t coming to church, she wasn’t picking my calls, but her mom always assured me she was fine, one day she finally came to church and I remember calling her out and I got completely snubbed.

That was the last time I saw or heard from Alice.

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