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A Woman Misunderstood

Hello, My name is Sasha. I am a writer who hopes to reach others with my personal life experiences.


I Quit:The Letter Shelley wrote to herself

June 4th, 1990

As I sit an ponder my life, I see how I have been misunderstood. Walking through this office building, I shake my head undeniably in a trance praying to leave. The party scenes are hot this summer yet I am stuck inside of this hellhole trying to barely make ends meet. As I am walking I hear my name being called "Shelley, how was your weekend?" Iook over and see Ms. Porscha, the older woman who seems warm on the outside but has a heart of pure hatred on the inside.

As I muster up a smile to get ready to be talked to death and appear as though I want to listen, I remind myself that it is time to spread my wings and fly. I respond "my weekend was bland. I was to bust worrying about bills that I will never actually pay instead of going out to enjoy the heat." Ms. Porscha looked at me in a surprised disgusted look and responded, "I knew you were the type of woman to not take care of responsibility, look at how you take of your work while at the office. Your work is sloppy and lazy, just like your bills."

I look down and laugh powerfully in her face and responded, "You have me so misunderstood Ms. Porscha. I hear and see everything that goes on around here. My work is the top of the crop but instead the boss would rather place someone in your position that like to kiss up rather than a professional business woman like myself."

"Oh, and one more thing, I quit!"

© 2019 Sasha Pollard

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