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A Wish List

Abstract Starlight by Bernd Luz

Abstract Starlight by Bernd Luz

My # 12 for National Poetry Month

the thoughts I speak to no one

find utterance in the first

rays of morning sun

as i feel myself fall

through you

feel your skin give way

wrap itself around me

feel two heartbeats in the place

of one

I want your desire to form in me

feel it take root

press itself on my tongue

until wet with you

I find myself.

i want to fall through the dry wall

next to me, feel the paint crack

and the sheet rock

fill my nostrils

feel myself grow smaller

i want to find every hair and molecule of you

in this bed

find my way inside

the richness of your laugh

the air around you

when I wrap myself

into you,

I remember

the way home.

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