A Winter's Walk

Updated on October 31, 2017
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I am a casual writer, at times I dip into song writing and stories. I like to explore, play games and listen to music.

'It wasn't always like this, so barren and cold, twisted and frozen' I thought to myself as my feet dug into the snow, a small thin path of foot prints lay behind me, telling me where I have came from, but not where I am going.

The winds were cold, almost freezing my skin with a simple touch. The cold winds blew against my jacket, the fabric keeping me warm, enough to feel comfortable but not enough to keep my cold thoughts away. 'I remember a warm sun shining down upon my face, the feel of a cold breeze rushing past the trees and blowing the waters from the river further forward.' My thoughts filled my mind with scenes of warmness and bliss, a recollection of past memories and fond moments.

I looked around the land, nothing but endless snow and ice, almost a sign of sorts, this land had become very isolated over the years. Once trees touched the skies, children laughed and played and the sounds of birds chirping in the woods helped wake me from my nightly slumber. It was almost as if the world itself was a part of me, but now that it has become cold and ghastly, I almost hardly recognize it.

I stood for a moment beside an old tree, my long walk had begun to show itself upon me, my tired bones beginning to become more and more tired. I sat against the snowy floor, I remember a small poem I was told by my mother before I slept.

"The sun shines upon, bringing us light and love. The moon glows, guiding are path in the darkness. The stars endow us with hope and love, even the clouds fill us with images of dragons and knights."

The poem was etched into my mind, I doubt I could even forget it if I wished too. But alas the sun was gone, the moon as well, only clouds lived to cover the skies. It made everything seem colder, no sun to shine upon the snow or to fill my eyes with hope and happiness.

I stood shortly after, beginning the walk forward once again, I do not know where or how long it will take. It feels odd, following a path that leads to somewhere not yet traveled, like a map drawn but with no lines to follow.

The snow crunched under my feet, it was the only sound that I could hear over the screeching winds. I didn't know how I could continue to move forward when I did not know the way to go, like I was thrust into a world with no directions or help to find.

The snow was here though, it guided me forward but I couldn't help but to think, 'Why has everything changed?' A question asked but has yet to be given an answer.

'It was not always like this, before you could see the sun shine in the sky and hear the trees blow in the wind. But something had happened, something that changed the land itself. The lands heart slowly froze over, while the grass still hides behind a layer of frozen ice you can still hear its cries. Cries for renewal.' These thoughts passed across my mind quite a bit, these memories flashed in my mind filling me with hope as I continue to walk this uncertain path I walk.

Cries from the ravens ahead break my thoughts, as I had walked rocks and stones, trees and sculptures of snow had passed me by. My mind so preoccupied, these thoughts passed by frequently, sometimes they laid a heavy weight upon my chest, others it passed with yet a pain.

I have weeped frozen tears and bleed into the snow, my path not only littered by prints but by sacrifice and hardships as well.

'I wonder if things will ever change back?' I asked myself, whenever a change was bound to happen I did not know, a feeling of sadness began to fill my weary body. I sensed a wind approach, a powerful storm that is to come, so I sought shelter inside a cave, a fire I built to keep warm as the winds surely did pick up.

Whether it was night or morn I couldn't tell, the blizzard blocked any sign of anything that I could see. I laid beside my fire, gazing as it cracked and sparked, as it sent smoke into the air and warmth towards me. The sound of the winds were dulled as I began to drift slowly into slumber, my eyes closed shortly after I had set a few last pieces of wood onto my fire.

I dreamed of a open plain, wheat shaking softly in the breeze, the sounds of beautiful music filled my ears and I smiled in my dream state.

I do not know how long I slept for, in truth it felt like quite a long time for as I awoke I felt a rush of pleasure course through me, a fine night of sleep it was. My fire had long dwindled out and now I sought food, I stood for a moment and stretched my tired bones and wandered out from my cave, once there I let out a short surprised sound, the sun was shining.

The sun shined high in the sky though clouds still tarried, but though these clouds still wavered above my head I smiled more. It was a sign, one I held dearly now in my heart.

Though the land is cold, the sun still shines.

© 2017 Thomas Finney


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