A Warrior's Nightmare

Updated on June 15, 2017

"I...I'm so sorry.....I......I couldn't protect you...I even failed at that......I..I tried....." his words came out between sobs of sorrow and agony, his whole world seemed to fall apart. Slipping right between his fingers. "I-i...I tried.....so hard but...I failed....you...you deserve better then me..you deserve......someone who isn't such a failure....." tears streamed down from his eyes as he fell to his knees and held the lifeless form of a fallen lover.

He let out a cry of pain, to bare such a pain in your heart. Could drive a man to the edge. His whole life, his lover, his home, all taken away from him. He cried. His heart felt like it was about to give out, his tears streamed down his cheeks.

"Why couldn't I protect her!? I should have been able to! Why couldn't I do it?..." He placed his forehead against his dead lovers as he cried, such pain and sadness. He had never felt such a thing, throughout their adventure he felt so assured. He thought he could handle what was to come, but once it came to him it destroyed him.

"P-please...just give her back.....I will do anything just please.......don't take her away from me...." He begged to the heavens. Seemed all that had happened to him lately is loss, it made him so angry to have tried so hard but in the end fail. As the enemy walked over to him all he could do was stay still, his body hurt to much and the spear that was lodged in his chest was stuck. He had already tried to relieve his body of the spear but to no avail, the spear showed no signs of coming out. His better pressed a blade against his throat and smiled, how easily he had been beaten by the character. Ashamed and embarrassed by his own lack of power and strength, he had no chance of defending himself let alone the one he cared for. He missed her. The way her eyes shined in the days sun, how her smile made his clouds of grey go away, her laughter was the object of his happiness. To hear her sweet laugh was enough to make his day. But now it was all taken away from him.

As the man held the blade against his throat the wounded warrior could only think of one thing, death. If his life was ended then at least he could be with his beloved, up in the great valleys of the afterlife. Then maybe, just maybe. He could be with her till the sun set for the final time.

As the men soon came to embrace the thought of death a bright light shone from the sky, even as the rain poured down and the clouds covered the sky the light shined down upon the ground. It felt warm and comforting, strange at first but then quickly becoming wanted. His eyes gazed up into the sky as well as his executioner, 'Is that you?...are you waiting for me to come be with you in the heavens?...' He thought before the light disappeared. The fallen soldier closed his eyes and took a deep breath, he was ready for the end. His heart still burned with sadness, but what more could he do but embrace deaths cold touch? He was finally willing to end it all. But then that light shined upon him, he opened his eyes and saw what seemed to be a heavenly angel. The specter was young, her eyes shined with a bit of sorrow but happiness, her long golden hair flowed behind her as she came to stand in front of him. She knelt down in front of him, her white robes fit her body cozily. She leaned in and kissed his forehead then took his right hand into her own, she then pressed her lips gently against the back of his hand.

His world became so dark, his body felt light and his eyes could see nothing but the pitch black surroundings. 'Where am I? Am I dead?' He thought as he felt so cold, so very cold. But from within the darkness he saw a bright light begin to form, what started off as a small flicker of a candle turned to the bright light of a beacon. It slowly began to come closer, then suddenly his world turned so bright. He opened his eyes and saw the portrait of his beloved across from him, he felt soft sheets around his body and the smell of freshly cooked rolls filled his senses.

He stood out from his bed and placed his feet onto the floor, he couldn't believe it. Was it all just a dream? He walked out to his dining room to see his lovely wife; tears began to fill his eyes. He was so happy to see her. He walked up to her and wrapped his arms around her tightly then buried his face into her chest, "I love you so much..." He said so happily as his young wife simply stood in confusion as to what was going on. She had no idea what had happened to him.

It must have all been just a simple dream.


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