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Walk In Moonlight


The moon is the reflection of your heart, and moonlight is the twinkle of your happiness.

It is natural that man should love beauty, for beauty brings lasting happiness.

Just imagine:

If there were no beauty on this earth, it would have been a dull place. If there were no joy in human life, it would have been an unbearable burden.

All of us wish:

  • live a peaceful and satisfying life.
  • Money and worldly success are very sweet things.

    But real happiness comes from simple ordinary things that do not cost a penny - a bright red rose, a sweet melody, the glory of sunrise and the quiet magic of moonlight.

These are sources of ensure of joy.

Darkness is where the magic of moonlight lives.

The soft and cool moonlight has strange power over the human mind and heart.

It inspires the imagination. It awakens the poet that lies asleep in the soul of every man.It lends beauty and charm to things which appear ordinary under the strong lights of the blazing sun.


Walking with a moon in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.

As the moon rises in the sky, a powerful desire takes hold of you.As the moonlight falls on you,something stirs in your soul.

Like a man under a spell, you rise and walk out of the house.


The moon calls you and you cannot refuse, cannot resist.And before you are aware of it, you have reached the riverside.

You have forgotten:

  • your cares
  • your worries

Everything has gone into background.

Everything has lost its reality.

Only the moon is real.

Only the magic of its rays is real.

Only the rippling water.

It is a river of bright liquid silver flowing softly, gently towards the horizon to meet the moon.

If there's a moon tonight - would you like to take a walk by the river side?

A breath of air brings you the heady scent of red roses.

You walk on, and presently you reach the rose bushes growing wildly by the river side.

The flowers are before your eyes, and an abiding joy is in your heart,

for the Roses never looked so beautiful.

Even that thorny cactus by the has become a thing of beauty and grace.


You stand there and your eyes linger on the landscape bathed in the beauty of the moonlight.

Somewhere a bird flops his wings.

A sound of music comes to your ears. Someone is playing on his flute.

Old memories awaken in your mind.


Past joys and sorrows mingle with the present happiness.

© 2022 Maham Shahid

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