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A Village Girl’s Secret to Abundance


This short story is a response to the third prompt in an article titled, “101 Writing Prompts to Inspire You” authored by HP fellow writer Earl S. Wynn.

Earl S. Wynn’s Third Writing Prompt

Think of a memorable quote from a book, show, or movie, remove it entirely from its original context, streamline/improve it, and then write a story around it using a completely different plot, completely different characters, and even a completely different world.

A Great Quote That Comes to Mind from a Self-Help Book

You are not what has happened to you. You are what you choose to become.

— Carl Jung

Modification of the Above Quote

You are not what badly shaped your past; you are what you want to be, where you want to be, and how you choose to make them a reality.

— Rosina S Khan

A Village Girl’s Secret to Abundance- The Response Based on My Modified Quote

Putul, a village girl, lived on the outskirts of Bogura with her family. They lived in a dilapidated brick cemented slum home. Greenery surrounded her home, and there were patches of land around, along with puddles, where children could play about.

Her husband worked as a truck driver taking goods like sacks of rice, poultry, vegetables, and other raw food material from the countryside to the market in the city. They had a two-year-old daughter. Putul was contemplating on her life while she was cooking in a pot over the fire outside of her home. Her thoughts were about how she could make her family financially stable.

Pic: Putul’s Original Slum Home

Pic: Putul’s Original Slum Home

She prayed the afternoon prayers of a Friday, had lunch with her family, and relaxed with them on the bed when all of a sudden, a YouTube page appeared on her phone.

The Wi-Fi signal from a neighboring home seemed to have connected to her phone. It was a miracle, and that was the beginning of how her life was going to transform.

YouTube videos posted by Bangladeshi women showed up about how they were presenting cooking, painting pots, pottery, crocheting, making boutiques, etc. Putul loved to cook, and she knew through YouTube videos, women around her were making money.

She was eager to learn more about it, and she started to watch those videos whenever a Wi-Fi signal would show up.

She set up her YouTube account with the help of her husband who was the least interested in them. She opened a bank account and had her husband connect her YouTube account to her bank account.

Life went through hardships and difficult phases with money struggles. But Putul was ready to make a difference.

She started cooking in a pan over fire one recipe a week, recorded it as a video, and uploaded it to the YouTube site for the public to view. It was a giant leap she made. The oil from the pan splashed on her hands, and she felt pain, but she went on video recording as calmly as possible with no strain in her voice.

In two months, she had earned immense popularity. She made Tk6000/- and spent it frugally for only the necessary things in her family. The first step was to get a stable Wi-Fi connection; after that, crockery and a cooking stove. She bought the latter at second-hand prices from a cheap store. Earlier she cooked in mother nature, but now she moved to her narrowly spaced kitchen.

Pic: Putul in Her Slum Kitchen

Pic: Putul in Her Slum Kitchen

As days went by, Putul was full of ideas about what videos to upload on YouTube. The videos were not only about cooking recipes; she went to shops in the city, roamed about, and looked for cheap but impressive curtains, more crockery, furniture, etc. She video-recorded them in shops and uploaded them to her YouTube channel. That way she not only decorated her own home with attractive stuff but also helped others to do the same.

The outcome was that she not only made money from YouTube but also the shops paid her decent compensation for promoting their material through the videos.

Putul and her husband were very happy. Putul thought of introducing her husband in her upcoming YouTube video. But when she did so, viewers made indecent comments and couldn’t accept her husband in the show. They would only like Putul presenting in her videos.

Putul and her hubby were both very disappointed. She started to coach him at home about body language, body postures, the art of talking and making a speech.

Soon her husband was ready. He appeared again in one of Putul’s YouTube presentations. She asked the audience to be nice to him and that he was talented too. He would open his new YouTube video channel about marketing groceries, poultry, and other raw food materials in the city that he collected from the farmers in the countryside.

And it worked. As months gradually passed away, Putul and her hubby were making good incomes, and both were highly successful. They moved to the city where they bought a two-storied home and decorated it with engrossing furniture, curtains, and other fittings. They sent their daughter to an English Medium kindergarten.

Pic: Putul’s Modern Two-Storied Home

Pic: Putul’s Modern Two-Storied Home

Pic: Putul in Her Modern Kitchen

Pic: Putul in Her Modern Kitchen

They were called to an inspirational show on TV to talk about how they set forth for so much success in their lives and what message they had to give the nation. They spoke smartly and lucidly, and they were enigmatic and intriguing in their conversations. And the rest was history.

That was the story of how the mediocre past of Putul’s family transformed into a good chapter about who they wanted to be, where they wanted to be, and how they chose to make it all a reality.

© 2022 Rosina S Khan