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Which Destiny Calls for Clara?

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Clara just got familiar with the university premises. She sat down in classes and listened to the lectures of professors. She was highly motivated. She had come this far to get a master’s degree. Three weeks went, and Clara started worrying. This was not what she had bargained for.

The lectures got difficult, and she was not able to follow them. While she opted for Communications Engineering, her expertise was more oriented towards Computer Science and Engineering. Life treated her harshly, and she knew she had made a mistake.

Pic: Clara, Worried and Confused

Pic: Clara, Worried and Confused

Clara Confesses to Her Mom

That very day she went back to her dorm and cried, and then she finally found the guts to talk to her Mom all the miles away at home. She felt miserable, confessing to her that she had made a mistake. Her mother asked her to talk to her guy friend, named Ivan from their home country now staying near her city.

Nevertheless, Clara went to class the next day, still unable to understand the lectures. But something queer happened.

The Professor's TA Makes Gestures of Romance

The class Professor's TA, a Ph.D. student started to lecture. All his eyes were fixed on Clara. Clara remembered the guy because he sat at the back in the Professor’s classes earlier. Today he had come to lecture – not only that, he was looking for a little romance, that also from Clara.

The Class's Reaction

Clara felt very shy and embarrassed. The whole class was watching him the way he locked his eyes with Clara’s. She could hear faint voices from the back,“Pretty, pretty – huh?” As she left the class for her dorm, she felt a little cheered up.

The Valentine's Day Comes

Now it so happened the Valentine’s Day was approaching. As usual, Clara was single and she knew Feb 14 would pass idly like any other day.

Finally, the day came. Clara wasn’t excited at all. All she wondered was how she was going to tackle all the exams, which seemed like huge lions roaring, approaching and consuming her.

Clara Is In for a Surprise

She thought she would check her letterbox for a change. She locked the dorm door and went downstairs. As she opened her letterbox, a pink colored envelope popped up.

Clara was full of surprise. Who had sent her a Valentine card? She had hardly mixed with her classmates. From whom was it? As she quickly opened the envelope carefully, from the inside came out a slip of paper, saying, "Clara, would you like to be my Valentine? Yours, Alex."

Clara Has a Realization

Clara was dumbfounded. Alex! Out of all people, Alex, the TA in the Professor's class? Would she accept Alex as her Valentine? She had liked him as a TA but never imagined that he could be her Valentine.

Being a friend or even lover with him, there could be a huge benefit. He could explain to her all the lessons. In the corner of the envelope was a telephone number. Now Clara was getting excited.

What Does Clara Do?

On second thought, she stopped herself. She didn’t like the idea of using him.

She took the envelope to her dorm room. And instead, she dialed the number to her guy friend, Ivan in the neighboring city. As she chatted with him, a thousand shattered pieces took the form of a glimmering glass puzzle in one piece, with the solution to her problem staring at her.

Pic: Clara Chatting with Ivan, Her Guy Friend

Pic: Clara Chatting with Ivan, Her Guy Friend

Clara's Solution

Yes, she would like to study Software Technology, and the offer letter from Ivan's university was resting on her table, which she didn't give much thought earlier. She would leave for the neighboring city and settle down there for her studies.

How Will Ivan Serve Clara ?

Talking to Ivan helped Clara to feel relieved. He would help her willingly because she had known him for a long time. Everything fitted, and she could happily forget Alex, the fictitious Alex whom she didn’t need to mingle with her life any longer.


Deciding that, she started singing happily like a bird, and there was no one around to hear her. Clara was blissfully happy.

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