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A Trilogy of Nature Poems


Shimmer, O sunlight, bright and clement,

Across the golden meadows below;

Fall, O great torrents of clear, splashy waters,

For the timid new life is waiting to grow.

Rise up, you grand treetops,

Where white flowers settle.

Send down the sweet fragrance

And soft blooming petals.

Awaken, O nature,

To the new rising day,

As the light of the springtime

Comes to your way.

Nature in Springtime - Abstract Art

Nature in Springtime - Abstract Art


By the meadows and the springs,

Where gentle winds blow

And robins sing,

There lies a hope for all the earth,

Of warm new time,

And great rebirth.

Though at one time the winters raged,

Chilling the plains,

While the young lives aged,

A seed remained inside the ground,

Waiting to wake,

At the storm's great sound.

From that seed all things remain,

The meadows, the springs,

The grassy plain.

The only death that's known to earth

Can only end

In this grand rebirth.

Dandelions in a sunny field

Dandelions in a sunny field


High above the trees and valleys,

Where the stars and sun reside,

Casting down its shining color

On the clear and bouncing tide.

Cloudless now that winter's ended,

Joyful to be seen anew,

Spacious to its ends appearing,

Showing all its bright and blue.

Home to all the rainbow's colors,

Dwelling for the butterfly,

Display of twinkling stars and moon,

Behold the marvelous, glory sky!

Clear blue sky reflected on the tide.

Clear blue sky reflected on the tide.

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