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A Touch of Love in Jazlyn’s Heart

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Pic: Jazlyn

Pic: Jazlyn

Jazlyn was working at the office in full swing. She had a busy life, documenting reports and guides and updating the website of the office. She had other projects related to research, marketing management, and web development. She loved what she did. She helped her newbie colleagues as much as she could, and they were all like a family.

An ex-colleague of the current office had gone to Cornell University to get an MBA and a Ph.D. in marketing management. Jazlyn kept in touch with this guy because she had the burning desire for higher education abroad as well.She could get help from this guy. But that was not the prime purpose though. Jazlyn had a crush on this guy called Shahriar.

She was safe and secure where she was, comfortable with her job and a reasonable salary. Yet, a part of her burned to get out of her comfort zone to see the world out there.

It was Shahriar himself mentioning in his emails that she could easily come to Cornell University for higher education. Jazlyn thought about it and finally, her heart said yes.

It was not long before she started applying to the university online. When all her application materials were in order, she sent them there by DHL.

Meanwhile, she continued working at her office with her family of junior and senior colleagues. It was only when she reached home, she emailed Shahriar or looked up the updates of her application online.

Three months passed. They had picnics, conferences, and meetings. Jazlyn enjoyed her job position and wondered for the 100th time if she would not miss the jubilant life she had. Then she reminded herself she desired higher education for further career success and benefits.

Soon there was a big letter envelope reaching her residence and saying that she had been accepted into Cornell University for admission. Her living expenses were covered by funding. And she had to apply to the embassy for the visa.

Jazlyn was over the moon. After bustling around the house and bombarding the news to her family, she sat down at the computer to let Shahriar know the news of the arrival of her I-20.

The next day, everyone at the office including the Boss was overwhelmed with sorrow that a competent and lively employee like Jazlyn would be leaving the office.

As she was a senior employee, she was treated with kindness and was told she would be allowed a study leave. Jazlyn thanked the Boss profusely.

Meanwhile, Jazlyn made a visa application to the embassy. She would leave the office only if she got the visa. Fortunately, after an interview of solid questions at the embassy, she did get the visa.

With instructions from Shahriar about a list of things to buy, Jazlyn accompanied her Mom to the shopping centers to purchase the necessities and also other vital stuff.

She bought plane tickets after tours to several Travel Agencies. And then she was set.

Her office gave her a warm farewell and asked Jazlyn to give an impromptu speech. She wasn’t ready, but she did deliver a well-organized speech. The office released her, and she left for home happily.

Jazlyn was going for a Ph.D. in marketing management like Shahriar. He sent friends to the airport to bring her to the university campus while he was busy with something important.

Jazlyn attended the orientation. Shahriar’s friends showed her apartment the other night. Now with the help of a map, she reached the orientation center.

She wondered what happened to Shahriar. He turned up finally at her apartment and helped her make a list of things to buy from the shopping center nearby. Together they went there and got the whole set of items.

Jazlyn offered to cook and asked Shahriar to wait. But Shahriar said no. She should come to his apartment, and he would cook for her.

Fine. It was settled that way. Both had a scrumptious dinner at Shahriar’s place. Shahriar gave more advice to her about rules, ethics, law, and order around the campus, and Jazlyn listened attentively.

It took Jazlyn about two weeks to settle down. After six months, Shahriar would graduate from the Ph.D. program, and Jazlyn wondered if she would find new helpful friends.

Pic: Shahriar

Pic: Shahriar

Jazlyn constantly heard from Shahriar about applying for jobs. But Jazlyn had just enrolled in the Ph.D. program, and the offer of a job was not on her mind as she had a good teaching assistantship, a waiver of tuition fees as well as funding.

For a month, Jazlyn went about her ways while Shahriar went about his ways. There was not much communication between them.

Then one day Shahriar knocked her on Facebook messenger asking her to come over to his place to have lunch. Jazlyn was excited. She dressed elegantly and looked very attractive.

She reached Shahriar’s apartment and knocked on the door. He invited her in.

Shahriar had cooked rice, vegetables, and beef curry. As they ate, together they talked about a wide area of issues and subjects. Finally, Jazlyn thought it was time to leave. Shahriar saw her off at the door, and Jazlyn took a shuttle ride back to her apartment.

Shahriar invited Jazlyn multiple times for lunch. What bothered Jazlyn was that he was always the perfect gentleman. So gradually, Jazlyn stopped accepting invitations from him. She wanted something more from him. If he would remain the flawless gentleman, so be it.

But they emailed each other and updated each other with daily progress and work.

A month later, Shahriar would graduate and would be gone from the campus. He would go to Oregon to work. This bothered Jazlyn very much. She would miss him terribly.

After Shahriar graduated and left the campus, Jazlyn kept in touch with him via phone calls and emails.

Shahriar helped her with information, research, and her studies remotely. Jazlyn was grateful to him for that.

In a moment's glimpse, three years passed away, and the final year gripped Jazlyn. She was happy with her work progress, and so was her supervisor. All this was possible because of Shahriar’s constant help and support.

As the year was finishing, and it was becoming time for Jazlyn to graduate, Shahriar advised her to get married.

He said calmly, “Look Jazlyn. I know you are set for the job back in the country. You will rejoin it. But also keep in mind the prospect of marriage. It’s high time you got married.”

Jazlyn was kind of furious but didn’t show it.

She emailed him, “’I have already found my life partner and would soon be marrying him.”

He emailed back, “Who is it?”

Jazlyn emailed, “I don’t know what he will think when I tell him. So, I am delaying it a bit now.”

Shahriar replied jokingly, “It’s somebody among us, I know. I guess that is why you are delaying.”

Well, Jazlyn took a big chance and threw the snowball at him. She emailed coolly, “Well, it’s you. I have been always thinking about you.”

He replied, “Are you serious?”

Jazlyn emailed back, “I am dead serious.”

It was almost time to leave for the airport. Jazlyn checked emails for the last time from her roommate's computer. No response from Shahriar.

She boarded the plane, had exchanges of flights, and finally reached her motherland. At the airport, her Mom was waiting patiently for her.

It took Jazlyn a bit of time to collect her luggage and place them in a trolley.

She came out of the airport exit, and her Mom greeted her, and they both got into their car. The airport was not far from their residence. Within 30 minutes, they reached home.

Mom had cooked for Jazlyn, and she had a delicious lunch. They both talked broadly about recent events and especially, Shahriar, and they smiled at each other.

Jazlyn went to take a nap. She was scared of touching the computer. She knew by now there would be a reply from Shahriar, which would show if he had any feelings for her.

When evening rolled into night, yes, she checked her emails, and yes, there was an email from Shahriar!

He had written her a long email. He started writing about office problems and then went on to the topic she was interested in. He went on serenely that he thought Jazlyn was special, but love-wise he couldn't devote to her because he only saw her as a friend. And he couldn't change his mind about it.

Jazlyn quietly sent him a reply saying, “At least we can still be friends.”

That was the last email she wrote to him. She had a very bad cry and went off to bed crying. Her heart ached miserably, and she didn’t know how to calm herself. She had become gloomy while every fiber of her being screamed in extreme agony. Sleep refused to engulf her. Tossing and turning, she finally had a sleeping pill and went off to deep slumber.

Her dreams didn’t give her rest either, and they were painful enough to keep her agitated. She cried helplessly in her sleep too.

Finally, she took two more days off, trying her best to recover and become at ease. Then she rejoined her old office. There were new and old faces. Jazlyn felt good to have the office family again.

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