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A Tall Tale of a Gentle Giant


A Tall Tale of a Gentle Giant Baby

The Gentle Giant

It was a long time ago that a babe bigger than many trees had first let out a cry – so loud that many birds flew high into the sky, terrified of the sound. However soon, there was a soft giggle filling the forest as the small one looked around, awed by his surroundings.

The nearby village knew well of the odd things occurring so close to them, but a child towering over mountains – it was unheard of! And yet, it was alone – not even a mother by its side by the time some dared to go up to it – or him, really.

“It’s a mere youth!” said the elder who glanced up at the giant, watching as he peered down with wide, innocent eyes.” I have no doubt that if we teach it well, it shall be of good use to us.”

There was no response of the babbling babe, just the shake of his fists as he attempted to catch – and crush, by accident – several butterflies that had decided to sit on his nose. A childish gasp was heard – and then, the other men knew as well.

The thing meant no harm for now – but the chance that it could turn against them was high. However, if they showed just a flicker of kindness from their heart, maybe they would be spared – and they would gain an ally that could help them through battles in need.

The babe grew rapidly, and it was only a few years later that he was so tall, he wouldn’t even fit under the largest tree. So the villagers helped him build a shelter where he could cover from the rain. Each day, one was there to teach him something new. Life was great for a while, for those that lived near them seemed to be afraid – they wouldn’t attack with a giant in sight!

However, their harmony was short-lived. Not even a gentle-hearted giant as tall as a mountain could survive the strongest of poisons and one morning, his teachers found him there, lying on his side. At first they thought he was fooling around but soon, they saw that life had long escaped his lips.

Their protector was gone – and there was a bitterness growing in their hearts. While it had been just for safety (for theirs and their children’s), soon they had all come to treasure their friend and – he had been just a child still.

However, avenging him would have held a risk – and so they stayed silent, merely praying for the life that had been lost. But sometimes, even if a body is taken, a soul still lingers. While no one could see the Giant, he was still there, listening, watching.

And when those that had robbed him of his life had attacked, he was fighting as well. His power was gone, but there was something new that he could do. He called down thunder from the skies and watched as the enemy withered away. And then, for the last time, he could utter a soft goodbye before he was gone for good.

Some however, still say, that each time evil lurks the place where his gentle life had been ended, he comes down once more to protect those that had loved him – even if they had failed to fight for him in the end.

© 2018 Leo J Wicks

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