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A Tale of Best friends Till the End of Times, Part 1

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A true friend never gets in your way unless you happen to be going down. Here we are going to discuss the mindset of two friends and the moral responsibility they had in support of one another.

People may come and go, but two friends will be there for each other until the end. Well, that’s what one friend though when it came to his best friend, except one made the choice to be tired of feeling as if he’s living with his friend shallow. He made the decision he wanted the life, love and the success that comes with it and he didn’t care how he got it.

John and Henry:

John and Henry were two best friends who shared a friendship where they make the distance seem so near to each other even when they were so far away. They had each other back to the point where they provide security for each other in an unsafe, insecure world. John and Henry both considered themselves to be strangers hard to feel at home in an evil world that will happily pull both feet from under you when you least expect it and at the worst of times.

They met at a retreat for lonely people struggling to gain the ability to obtain security to meet people they have the most in common with. It was as if it was Faith that brought these two together as best friends.

John stood up and introduced himself first and what he shared about himself hit so close to home in similarity to Henry's life that He listens and knew they both had a lot in common. Both young males were at the retreat because their mother made them attend or get put out of the family home.

When it was Henry time to stand up and introduce himself, he was so overcome with the John introduction that he was unable to share his presentation of who he was with the group. He was so afraid everybody would think he stood up to just copy and share John's words.

After the retreat was over Henry attempted to run off in fear and to prevent from saying anything to John. All he wants to do is avoid John, John senses his avoidance so he blocked the doorway and held his hand out and said, "Hello, I'm John and what's your name?"

Still, very unease with John, Henry tried to turn his head and look off with his hands in his pockets in hope John would go on and leave him alone. The way John handles himself with Henry one would think he's a man of confident, active and living a full and varied life. Although his life was the entire opposite and that's the true reason John is at the retreat.

What John said that caught Henry attention the most is when he stood and said, "I do my best to meet people, I feel I am outgoing, I'm not timid, but I’m lonely and don’t have any friends." Those words were the exact way Henry felt and it was as if he shared them himself.

The way Henry acted John knew he was running in fear away from something and he felt deep in his soul, he was the guy to assist him in stopping. John felt I’m utterly friendless, therefore, I have nothing to lose in taking a risk to meet a guy who seems to be making it a point to avoid him and better yet, there is no reason I’m so lonely; I'm a good guy, well most of the time unless someone forces my hand.


As John stood there blocking the entire way he thought, I’m interested in meeting others and I am one who can be a friend, I know how to ask questions and have opinions to share. If I were given an opportunity, I know I could click with someone to be my best friend and he thought this guy could be the one.

The way Henry looked off and pretend he didn't notice John was speaking to him or attempting to shake his hand brought membranes back to John, He figures out Henry was afraid of the likeness in their lifestyles. John refused to go away and that day paid off for the two, Henry finally took a risk and shook John's hand and the friendship developed from there.

They begin having each other back and generated a way to look secure in life. It went like, I have insecurities, but I’m well practiced at keeping them under lock and key, and my emotional limelight is unnecessary and will not limit me. I'm now making all the necessary changes that teach me to want all the things I never had and receive the things I need; I’m in it for the long ride.

John always had the ability deep inside to gain whatever he set his mind to do, but with Henry in his corner as a motivator, he had a healthy level of confidence, enough to gain and retain almost anything.

John made much and accomplish a lot, of course, Henry was not half as successful as John, but he didn't mind or care he always wants Henry with him and treated him as an equal. He included him in his start hobbies, and when he was quite able to reach his goals John was enough for aspiration.

Who was Evelyn?

The two were there for each other sharing almost everything and this went on for almost fifteen years until Henry meets his love interest. She was attractive, but she was more trouble than he could ever know.

After Evelyn met John, she was so taken with him. She was somewhat attracted to Henry but she fell head over hills in love with John. Evelyn began being clever in ways to make Henry see John as making him look little and he is his savior.

Within six months of being in a relationship with Evelyn, Henry became a bitter and angry man most of the time and that concerns John. Normally he could talk to Henry about anything, now it’s getting to the point that his angry grows if John even speaks to him.

John couldn't figure out how friendship when so wrong. He asked Henry if he could talk to him, he wants to attempt to correct whatever issues. Except for the tone that came from Henry’s mouth was almost as powerful as a big grizzly bear growling in angry with someone.

John being himself took the initiative to talk to Henry despite his attitude, he wanted him to understand he could count of him in his time of need and he will be there. John concern was his best friend while Henry could sense and see the look in Evelyn's eyes when she looks at John, the powerful love she felt for him and that brought about a daily dose of anger.

Henry knew it wasn't John's fault and he did nothing wrong, but his heart was so crushed that he witnesses on a daily the woman he loves with all inside him desire his best friend over him was growing to be too much for him to handle. He was too ashamed to talk about it with John, making a bad decision was the beginning stage his anger begin to take control of his life.

John continued to talk to Henry letting him know buddy, I am here for you, hoping to reach him as he did the day, they both became best of friends. John was not so lucky this time because Henry allowed his temper to fly all out of control.

He ditches out by saying, "I’m doing everything I can to love the woman of my dreams, I thought she loved me as much as I love her, but she wants to be with my best's friend, What’s more, pathetic than that?"

Henry allowed his words and anger to run over by saying, "I'm plenty that’s more pathetic, I can assure you, I feel like I'm a loser who lives in the shallow of a man that has it all."

For the very first time since they became the best of friends, John was at odds as to what to say or what to do. He was caught off guard and at unbelief with what his ears were hearing.

As John tries to digest what he was hearing Henry anger kicked into overtime and he allowed himself to rage with additional angry words saying, "My life is in such a mess now that there is no way it could move back to me being a “winner,” Well, unless there’s a chance of me winning the lottery and that probably will mean very little with my luck, I'll probably choose the wrong numbers and lose".

Saying Sorry Is Good:

I believe forgiveness is the best form of love in any relationship. John couldn't stand to see Henry so angry and very over emotional. He reminds him of their slogan and shared with him, "The struggle to lead a fulfilling life is unlimited and what I am saying, I would never turn my back on you, and we did it before and can do it again, you will reach the top to receive happiness again.

Buddy, I am so sorry about whatever going on with Evelyn, trust me, I have NO interest in her, I am your friend and as far as Evelyn, don't allow your feeling of rejection to be an image of defensiveness. I can tell you; I’ve encountered loving someone who didn't love me the same in return and it is one of the most desperate for compatible companions, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

John continues talking to Henry saying, "Sadly, being angry and allow your emotions to run wild in the world is not an endearing approach. Your downfall at the moment is fear of losing a woman you love dearly and that's a symptom of your insecurity rather than proof that other females don’t want you.

Henry was hurting and allowed his love for Evelyn to get the better of him. After watching Evelyn's face show a look of love for John, Henry let his love for her to kick off dramatically and builds to an emotional crescendo where he shared what’s going wrong with him the incorrect way.

John ended their conversation as powerful as he could, hoping to reach and assist Henry in his heartaches, He said,” All of us desire, love, and when we meet a person of the opposite sex, we attracted to the part you’ve embraced is overdue for an overhaul."

Falling in love is where two people take a risk, but it is not meant to leave you feeling like some optimistic, overlooked rodent. Love can be pretty amazing when you share it with the right person.

It's something that can be animated about people’s inability to spot your virtues. I think you’re making something that can be so good as love hard to cherish, and if you were to stop second-guessing people’s motives and refrain from displaying ugly emotional behavior, I suspect you’d see positive results sooner than you think.


It looks as if finally, John is getting Henry attention and he's calming down. They both hugs and went their separate ways. But one can plainly see there's a lot of hurt in Henry's heart and if his attitude doesn't change, John will feel like no one wants to be treading on eggshells every time they come in contact with Henry or sit down for a chat.

Its no secret life is full of challenges and you may present such great trials. Still, Henry needs to think how can others reflect back positive images of him if they’re on the receiving end of a blast of negativity?

Let’s take a look at Henry situation, he's in love with a woman who's in love with his best friend. That’s irritating to him and what's making it hard for him to move forward. One would think that Henry's best friend is utterly the one person in the world that he'll feel is a threat to him. Their relationship should remain intact and the love they share for one another should not waver at all.

Things between the two friends will remain the same on John's part, only on the behalf of Henry, his jealousy of his friend will make him a backstabber and a person who determines and believe, things will change.

Everyone Deserves to Be Loved:

Henry attempt to appointed Evelyn in another direction in the hope that he could keep her to fulfill his loneliness: but little does he knows the misery he feels inside is just the beginning and he will wish that he had aims to tackle the problem.

Not having the confidence to face the reality that someone doesn't love you as you do them will only raise a separate issue. It is no doubt, you can't change what the next person does, but you can change what you do.

Perhaps Henry feels by directing Evelyn away from John he's free to love her and have a happy ever after with her. Will Evelyn be the woman Henry desire or will she conflict more pain in his life?

Everyone deserves love only it is unconditional and allows you to love yourself first. Two significant facts about love, you can love someone and hurt them, and you can be loved and be hurt. Henry thought he was making a life-changing decision: he made the decision to walk away from a friendship that changes his life that was horrible to start with.

Friendship Needs Trust and Sincerity:

John has been a loyal friend to Henry since they encounter a friendship. He has been the person who will end today for a better tomorrow. With that being said, with clear evidence staring him in the face that Henry betrays him, what will he do? Will he find it difficult to pull the trigger and walk away from a friendship he's been fighting to save.

John cares deeply about Henry, and in his own way, Henry cares just as much about John. But the friendship is been placed in a position where John may be forced to know the two of them cannot remain, friends, Henry might have been too troubled by the way Evelyn feels about John that being near him brings about great irritation.

There is much reason why John may try to hold on to a friendship with Henry, he might attempt to hold on because he's afraid of losing a friend who made him feel he's a man of confident or afraid of being lonely again. Henry thought he was making a life-changing decision: he made the decision to allow his anger, and bad behavior to threaten his friendship that changes his life that was horrible to start.

John tried telling him, "Trust me you don't have to worry about me wanting Evelyn", but it didn't work Henry still feels threatened, and he's not okay with his lady being near him.

Will John manage to reach Henry to save the friendship or will he be forced to walk away from a man who allowed a woman to break up a friendship of two friends who had insecurities, but they well practiced at keeping them under lock and key, and their emotional limelight is unnecessary and will not limit them?

Stay tuned to learn the answer to each question asked and so much more of this journey of friends until the end, a once upon a time bond where you can't tell if a friendship ending is necessary, where one woman has made two friends feel like totally different people, find out if "he" (Henry) fixable in part 2 of, a tale of best friends’ until the end.

A Tale of Best friends till the End of Times, Part 1!

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