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A Stroll Through Horror-Hallway

I awoke in a small room, no light shined within it yet somehow I could still see the area around me. Four windows were at each end of the room, nothing could be seen from the outside except darkness. The room was empty and in no way had any special details, I looked at the door and wandered over to it, I could feel the smooth wood and wondered where I was at and better yet how did I get there.

I opened the door and was met with a long seemingly endless hallway. The hall was straight with windows on each side, matter of fact there were no walls at all just windows that like in the room before showed nothing but darkness.

I took a step out from the room, a sudden chill swept through my bones, I could see my breath, every exhale sent forth a small cloud, I knew it was cold but I did not know it was that cold, I shrugged off the cool hallway and proceeded to begin walking forward, my arms close to me as I glanced from side to side thinking that perhaps I would see some form of person or figure, it almost seemed as if I was brought here.

I had no recall, no answer to what I had asked, I felt quite alone.


As I strolled down the hallway I began to feel a sort of dejavu, I felt like I had been there before or at least a certain part of it. I continued to walk, more questions asked but still none to be answered. I began to fill a bit of anticipation, feeling like something will happen but I did not know where or how or even what would happen.

After I had walked for a bit I stopped and looked outside one of the many windows that lined the hall, your mind does like to create things when looking at darkness, that I know but what came next I cannot explain how I felt.

I stared into the darkness for several minutes, I wondered what was to happen and I got my answer. Two eyes opened up in the darkness, two dark and twisted eyes stared at me from it and my heart began to pound. My body felt frozen, my limbs numb and I could do nothing to turn away from the sight that was in front of me. But what made it worse, is that it smiled. It grinned a horrible toothy grin, it stared right at me with those damned teeth.

I didn't know what it was, I do not want to know. I tried to look away but I couldn't my eyes plastered onto that horrific scene. I couldn't see its body if it had one, all I could see were those terrible eyes and teeth.

Then I awoke.

I think myself not as invincible, but as human, yet though for all I have seen and encountered not once have I ever been so afraid.


I awoke in my bed, sitting up in a fright, sweating profusely and feeling as though my heart had stopped. Maybe it did.

I looked around my room for a moment, my clock read 10:35, I hadn't even awoken from my nightmare till near afternoon. I laid back down for a moment, that picture still etched into my mind, carved into my eyes like a permanent picture. I had no idea what to make of that dream, was it fear that created it? They say dreams are a accumulation of what had happened during the day, but I do not recall seeing a demon during my waking time.

My heart began to finally calm, a dream is a dream but the feeling it left on me that morning felt more real then something that is merely a dream. I swore to myself that I could see it still, hiding in the shadows, hiding in the darkest parts of my mind, hiding from the light.

Was it a monster? Was it a demon? Was it me?

I dare not the question, any answer could prove to be right and prove to be just as bad. I know it lingers still, years passed since that night yet the thought of whatever it was still resides inside my head, still wallows down below the surface of my mind.

If it was me, what am I?

A monster?


Questions & Answers

Question: Teachers tell us not to end it with an "I woke up." and it was all a dream sorta thing so why did you? Also what happened to the girl?

Answer: Well for one it is a story about a dream I had a long time ago, so I did wake up. It was a terrible nightmare, as for your next question there was no girl in the story, I simply could only find that photo for the end.

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