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A Story of a Japanese Young Man

Nazmun loves writing and watching movie and reading books. Now she wants to take a break and write for Hubpages.

A young boy

A young boy

This is a short fiction story written by Bangladeshi author Nazmun Nahar. Happy reading.

Today I will tell the story of an unfortunate Japanese youth. There is no happiness, peace, or love in his life. There is deception and suffering.

One child is born. A man is going somewhere with a newborn baby. Naughty smile on the corner of his face. He did not inflict any physical harm on the child. He takes him away. Far away on an unknown island where there are old houses. There are paddy fields. There are mountains. There are many people. There the man went to a woman with the child and said something secret. The man came to the city with a bag of money and went to the hospital and handed over the money to another woman who was having a royal rest. This time the man came to his majestic palace equivalent house with a devilish smile. It is understood that the man is impossibly rich. The sign on the signboard outside the palace is Keiichi Aoki Mansion. Terrible laughter can be heard from Keichi's mansion. He must be doing something crazy. Everyone in town knows him as a rich lunatic. He has a lot of wealth. But he has been deceived by his dear one. Since then he has been going crazy. That's how he set fire to his own company. Again, he spent billions of dollars in front of everyone in the office. Even then, his property did not decrease at all.

Newborn baby

Newborn baby

But for several months now, Keichi has been looking very calm. Will he get better or will he do something bigger? Let's see.

He turned on the huge monitor while sipping a glass of wine. That little newborn baby can be seen on the monitor. Keichi gritted his teeth and smiled. He will now play a game with this baby. Keichi wonders how much fun that game will be! This is the only way to get rid of the poison of life.

Then five years passed. Keichi has no such news. Everyone thinks he's gotten better.

A village in an island

A village in an island

Kechi's game company has improved more than ever. The most popular game in their company is Ren Ishida. New episodes of this game come out every month. Each episode is awesome. Everyone can get rid of all their grief by playing this game for a while.

The storyline of the game is fixed by Keichi. Now everyone in the country knows him by one name - Genius.

Well this time we go ahead of time. 1200 AD Nichiren, a small village in Japan. The situation here is not good. There are frequent battles. There is no security for the people. Ren Ishida, a young boy of five or six, lives in a hut with his middle-aged grandmother. Regularly enemies set fire to the village and looted the houses. One attack after another. Seeing all this, Ren has no fear of war. This is a child who has no fear in his mind. He kept his grandmother very close at such a young age. Whenever enemies come. They set fire. A fire broke out in everyone's hut and the flames started rising. Ren also goes out with the adults to put out the fire. With his small hands he tried his best to put out the fire. How much can you help with small hands? There is no need for his help. Yet his indomitable courage inside the chest surprised everyone. There were no children in that village except Ren. Ren knows that the enemy killed all the children but for some unknown reason he was unharmed.



Gradually a few more years passed. Ren is now a teenager. Now Ren understands a lot. The village war has not stopped in so many years. His grandmother's face is imprinted with age. Ren's chest heaved. If only I could leave this village. But Grandma says they can't leave the village. There is no protection in the hands of enemies. Grandma's upset words moved Ren's heart. Although Ren's parents, siblings, and relatives aren't there, he does not feel bad about it. Because the people around Ren love him dearly. In Ren's life he wants the love of a woman. He is constantly feeling this lack of love. Suddenly one day not really one, two teenagers appeared. They have fled from a distant village. Every night a gang of robbers picks up the girls from their village. Then they bowed their heads in shame, unable to express what they were trying to say. Seeing this, it was not difficult for others to understand what could happen. As this was also the case with their mother, the mother committed suicide as she could not live with the stigma. Meanwhile, the father also tells the two daughters to run away before he commits suicide. So they came to this village today for shelter. These two sisters, Hitana and Senju, were extremely beautiful. Ren is surprised to notice that there are no sad or depressed marks on their faces. There are no worries. They get a little different in their movements. Ren shakes off the contradictory thoughts.

A island

A island

His eyes later on Hitana. There is no teenage girl in the village except an older woman at any age, so naturally Ren feels differently towards a beautiful and lotus girl like Hitana. He thought Hitana would not understand his feelings. But he is surprised to see that Hitana herself comes to him. Not once or twice. Comes close again and again. Ren's body, which has never been in contact with girls, feels tight. Meanwhile, Senju also comes to Ren. But even though Senju is beautiful, Ren tries to stay away from her contact. Day after day, month after month. The relationship between Ren and Hitana is very deep. Hitana has been trying to say something to Ren for some time but is unable to do so due to fear. When Ren noticed this and asked Hitana about the matter, Hitana became silent. It would be a great danger if she really said what she wanted to say.

Since then, Hitana has been mingling less with Ren. But Ren doesn't understand what he did wrong. At this point Hitana's sister Senju wants to get close to Ren but Ren doesn't pay any attention to her. Ren and Hitana loved each other so much. There is no doubt that there is a reason behind Hitana's strange behavior. When Ren goes to sleep at night, Hitana comes to him. For some reason, Hitana covered Ren's face so he couldn't scream. But Ren, he just closed his eyes, did not sleep. He hugged Hitana and lay down beside him. Hitana is quite shocked. Hitana tries in vain to remove herself from Ren's tight arm. Ren asks, "Why are you avoiding me?"

Hitana gestures to Ren to be quiet. Hitana whispers in Ren's ear, "I don't want to stay here. Let's run away."

"Where to go?"

"Leave this village and go to town."

"But my grandmother?"

"Nothing will happen to her."

Ren leaves Hitana. Because in Hitana's words, Ren got a hint of neglect towards his grandmother. Hitana realizes this and says, "Ren ... it's not like I'm neglecting Grandma. But… .."

Hinata wants to say something, but after much effort she can't say it. Her words do not come out to the throat. Ren turns to the other side and says, "I'm not going anywhere without my grandmother."

Hitana would dare to say that just at that moment Hitana could understand the presence of someone outside the door. She left without speaking. She looks at Ren once. There is genuine love for Ren in her eyes. With tears in her eyes, she went home. Hitana wants to say something to Ren a few times but can't always say it. As always, the enemies came again. The fire started as before and went away. But this time they showed a difference. They pulled Hitana's hair and cut her throat with a sword in front of everyone. Seeing this unfortunate incident, Ren ran and grabbed Hitana. Enemies seem to have come to kill her. Hitana was bleeding from her throat, but her body was still alive. She told Ren what she hadn't been able to say for a long time, "You're being cheated. A game is being played with your life. Get out of here. Save yourself."

Hitana would say more but Senju would come and start crying. Ren wonders why he thinks Senju is doing this intentionally so that Ren can't hear Hitana's last words. In the moonlight, Ren is sitting under a huge tree. After Hitana's death, his head spun. The surprising thing is that enemies always come. He has been watching them since he was little but he doesn't know who they are now. He doesn't even know where they come from. They set fire to the house as usual and left. Never loot ever. But so far no one was killed. This is the first time Hitana has been killed by those enemies. As if this time they have come to kill Hitana. Everything seems to be made for him. As if someone is making these. Everything seems to have been made up in advance. And everything is happening according to a script. Ren doesn't even know where Hitana and Senju come from. In fact, he never left the village. His grandmother would not let him go. So Ren cannot recognize the name of the village. For all these reasons, he did not ask the name of the village. Ren kept thinking that Hitana wanted to tell him something. But for some reason she could not say.

The mystery has become so intense that Ren's head hurts terribly. Since there is no girl in the village except Senju, he marries Senju. But Ren doesn't love Senju. Hitana is the one who is all across his mind.

Let's go in 2018. Where Kechi earns a lot of money from the game Ren ishida. Ren Ishida, made by him, is now being played by all children and adults from home and abroad. The amount of money people pay to buy new episodes of this game is truly unimaginable. Everyone knows Ren by name. The game occupies the top spot with Ren's hard life.

Meanwhile, after his marriage to Senju in 1218 AD, Ren continued to chant Hitana's name. Only Hitana and Hitana. Senju gets angry. She's trying to make love, but Ren, he's after Hitana. Ren frowned, "Why are you angry? Hitana is your sister. Why are you angry with me instead of being sad when I talk about her?"

Senju swallowed. Ren is silent. She knew in that look that he had failed her. No big mystery. He prepares himself to find out the secret. Maybe it's something Ren can't handle if he finds out.

The person closest to him is grandma, he asks Grandma about it, but Grandma disappoints him by saying, "It's all wrong with you. There's nothing wrong with that."

Ren wants to trust his grandmother. However, for various reasons. She may not know about this. He noticed that the enemies came as before. Like before, they set fire or looted. Everyone deals with them as before. Some were injured but not killed. In that way it is strange that the king of their village has not been able to give them security for so many years. When they attack, the king's soldiers do not come forward. He's so stupid that he hasn't noticed it before. Making everything. Ren explains to his grandmother, "Grandma, let's get out of here. I'm sure it's made. Everything here is fake." Grandma cries and explains to him how many years they have been here. Where to go by leaving the motherland? Why go?

Meanwhile, while dealing with the enemies, Ren's body gets injured a lot. There have been more like this before.

Days go by and months go by. Ren doesn't want to get out of here now. Don't even talk to anyone. He has tried his best. This time he will be silent. Ren lives alone in a closed room.

2025 Keichi came to the conference because the Ren Ishida game will end this time. The next episode will be jam-packed. Keichi leaves with a brief lecture on the subject. He came to his room at night and sat on the comfortable sofa and smiled like a monster. He took a glass of wine in his hand, kissed it, drank it all and whispered, "Ren, what will you do to survive? You have brought me money. Now I don't need you anymore.I don't want to spend money on you so I will kill you. Your fans are looking forward to the next episode. Oh, if you can survive the war, that's fine. But if you die in my hands! That's what I want. "

1225 AD After spreading in the village there will be a huge war. Everyone is getting ready for that. This is the first time Ren sees the king's soldiers. Ren realizes this is the last time. Maybe if he wins the war he will be able to survive this cursed village. The war begins. This time there is a big war. Ren sees blood all around. His head keeps spinning. He rode after the battle. He sees a man in the distance. The man was wearing the king's robe. This is the king of the enemy side. The king was looking at Ren with one glance. Ren dismounted and ran towards the king. The soldiers do not stop him. He understands that this is the last moment. Ren asks the king, "Are you the one who is playing with my life?"

The king laughed and said, "Yes."


"There was no entertainment in my life. So by making your life a game. I could get happiness and money."

Ren says angrily, "You're crazy."

"I know that."

"You're cruel."

"Less than your mother."

Ren is startled. "My mother is dead," he said in a trembling voice.

"Not at all. Your parents are both alive. They sold you to me."

Ren's head kept spinning. The king says, "Since today is your last day, let me tell you everything. Your mother is my wife. And your father is your mother's friend. I loved my wife very much. She cheated on me. She wanted abortion but I bought you. I gave her millions and she gave you to me. When I divorced her, she married her friend. Meanwhile, I became crazy. There was nothing but misery in life. I built an ancient village on this island I bought at sea. I pay a lot of money to play with your life. You know what happened after that. Remember Hitana. Grandma, your wife Senju .. "

Before the king could finish, Ren said, "They are lying too. And this war is also a lie, only one thing will be true. That is my death."

The king shook his head. The king said, "Now you know everything. Now die in peace. Go."

Ren stared at him angrily. There was a fierce battle between them. Who lives? Who dies? At one point in the battle, Ren escapes. Many soldiers followed him. Ren runs to get out of here. He will go to his mother. Will ask, "Don't you ever think about your child?" Is it so easy to catch him who has been seeing battle since childhood? While Ren was jumping into the sea, someone shot him from behind. It takes one side of his back. And everyone goes after the sea. Sea water is stained with blood.

The point is, playing with the life of the illegitimate child of Kechi's wife would give her money and peace of mind by designing graphics and making games. Now Keichi wants to end everything by killing him. Keichi finds actors from different parts of the country on his own island and asks them to perform for a lot of money.

And Ren was not in 1200 AD but he always was in the modern era. Keichi made his abode in 1200 AD, so he thought of himself at that time.

What do you think? It's all over. If it was over, maybe the problem would have been solved. But I can see a young man who has arrived at the China airport, he will go to Japan today. He has a piece of paper with five pictures of five people. Here, Keichi, the young man's mother, father, grandmother and Senju.


© 2021 Nazmun Nahar

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