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A Storm in a Forest

Just another human being drifting through space and time; living life; sometimes even experiencing it

Cold winds were steadily rustling through the green tops in the highlands. The sky was grey. A bit gloomier than it normally is at this time of the day. A storm was approaching from north-east. It was hauntingly quiet and peaceful. She was entering a forest with thick, tall trees. Her mind was pre-occupied with some deep thoughts. It appeared as if she was afraid, confused and maybe a bit upset too. Trees were farther apart from each other in the outskirts of the forest. As she progressed deeper into the forest, it got darker as the forest got increasingly denser.

The overcast sky gave way to drizzle. After a short while, the rain got a lot heavier. The rain droplets were being slackened down by the ceiling of treetops made by thick, dense trees. The ground was completely covered with a carpet of leaves that parted from trees during the autumn. The thick layer of leaves was cushioning her feet as she was walked deeper into the forest. The storm was at its peak now. Even the rumbling sounds of lightning bolts could not get her out of her profound thoughts. It kept raining for a while and she continued to be lost deep in her own thoughts. Nothing changed for a while. Then the winds picked up and the rain got heavier. The trees were partially sheltering her from gusts of winds and outpour of rain. Water started to drip from her golden-brown hair. Her clothes were completely soaked in rainwater by now, but she was way too pre-occupied to worry about it or to feel cold.

After a while, the winds calmed down to an extent and the rain stopped. She kept on walking. Trees were now farther apart indicating that the forest was ending. The cold in the air was still unflinching. After a short while, she was about to reach her destination but she was a bit too over-whelmed and pre-occupied to realize it. As she was nearing the road that lied across her home, the noise of passing by traffic brought her back to reality. She appeared calm and content as if she had figured out the intricacies and complexities that were bothering her. It looked as if she has lost tail of the demons that were chasing her for a very long time. The house looked pretty in its true colours as if the rain had washed off all of its dullness. She saw her umbrella lying in the driveway of her house. Heavy rains were forecasted this season.

© 2018 Fawad ul Hassan

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