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A Stellar Day



The sun has risen standing where it has been commissioned
Shining brightly with brilliance only its radiant light can articulate,
The moon and stars have been told by light to stay where it is placed. In the darkness and night, because it is a light governed time,

The grass is turning green pictured colors of the evergreens
All the trees have budded and are springing forth,
Leaves materialize and surface without a warning, except the budding forth, One day just a bud, overnight an array of colors spring into manifested glory,

The earth is full of magnificence and grandeur
The birds are chirping with melodious sounds of music,
The sky is regal blue with white clouds as its accompaniment
The oceans and rivers crest with serenity peaceful, and still,

The mountains break forth with majestic peaks as chords
The valleys are the wilderness, a path to quietness,
The flowers with radiant beauty emerge, roses and lilies too
You and I have the privilege to experience and to live this day.
It is truly a Stellar Day