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A Spontaneous trip

Hey guys, im trying something new for fiction writing, since its halloween, lets read a scary story. Hope you enjoy!

A picture of a dark Ulu Yam road.

A picture of a dark Ulu Yam road.

Before we start

Hey readers, i'm actually trying out something different by writing fiction stories, since its Halloween soon, i had written a story about 4 boys going out on a spontaneous trip to a hilltop resort in Malaysia. If you're into ghost stories, come and have a look at this. I would like your feedback on this.

Disclaimer: The story is 100% fictional and the characters in this story are fictional as well.

The Story Begins..

It was a cold night in September, I drove through a place called Ulu Yam in Selangor, Malaysia. Me and my buddies were having a 2-car convoy drive to Genting Highlands (a hill resort in Malaysia) for a nice late-night chill session. With me in my car was Joe and in the other car, Mizan and Lee, and my name is Owen and I saw this from my own eyes.

So, we four boys were just chilling at an eatery before Lee said, “Lets go for a drive to Genting Highlands”, before I hear a whisper to my ear saying “I don’t have enough money for the Karak Toll” said Joe in a joking manner. Lee told the rest of us not to worry and that there is another road leading up to Genting Highlands toll-free, we went ahead with the plan with excitement.

Before going on the drive, we all knew the risk of that Ulu Yam road, I would describe it as, Dark and silent and sometimes foggy, especially when we were going at 2am, who knows what is inside that stretch of curvy road? Mizan and Lee led the way while me and Joe stayed behind, we needed to stay with each other because it was foggy, plus, we couldn’t contact each other because in that stretch of road, there is no phone line, so we stayed in contact using a walkie-talkie.

While me and Joe were laughing in our car, we heard heavy static coming out of our walkie-talkie, it seems as if the “lead car” were trying to say something, but what we heard wasn’t any of our friend’s voices, all we heard was, “stop”. We asked the “lead car” why did they want to stop but they claim that they didn’t say anything, so we proceed with the trip.

There were a few more “stops” from the walkie-talkie, so we eventually stopped to check what is going on with the frequency, we lost track of the lead car in the process, first thing in our mind is, are we in somebody else’s frequency? We responded to the walkie-talkie and we didn’t get a response.

At 2am, there is almost no traffic in Ulu Yam road, so we were wondering who would talk to us besides the “lead car”, the atmosphere in the car turned dark. As we kept driving, we were 5 kilometres from our friends in front, so we can talk to them but when Joe asked, “where are you guys?”, there was no response, we were worried.

As we got closer, we saw a car skid in front of us, it was Mizan and Lee’s car, they skidded and hit a barrier, fortunately both survived. We went down to check on them, but Lee seems to be different, pale but alive, Mizan doesn’t seem to know what happened. Both the boys entered our car as we tried to look for a spot for our phones so that we can call the police for assistance.

creepy road in an unknown location

creepy road in an unknown location

We ventured into town eventually, the town seems like a very quiet place, there is no activity at all, so Joe took out his phone but the is still no signal, we were wondering why the isn’t any signal in town, which Is weird considering there are phone lines everywhere.

At that time, we three (Joe, Mizan and i) were taking a drag of smoke outside the car discussing what we could do to handle this, however, we noticed Lee has been sitting on the same pose throughout the trip from the accident site to town. Joe, who is a bubbly guy, waved his hand at Lee’s eyes while saying “Bro, you good?” and then Lee proceeds to hit Joe. Joe was surprised why Lee hit him but Lee who hasn’t uttered a word since the accident suddenly said, “YOU DID THIS, ALL YOUR PEOPLE!” in a very deep voiced tone.

Due to Lee’s aggressiveness, we had to lock him back in the car, Mizan tells us that Lee could’ve been possessed by a ghost due to the deep voice. At this point, me and the boys didn’t know what to do, we couldn’t call anyone and there were no passers-by. We were very lost at that moment, however, I noticed I was holding the walkie-talkie and I heard Lee uttering the phrase “Do not disturb our place, or I will make you all suffer”.

It was 4 in the morning and we noticed one of the houses lit up, that an old man was about to go out to buy groceries in the morning market. We approached him and told him about our situation, and we went to our car. The old man told us that he could’ve been possessed by one of the accident victims in Ulu Yam. Ulu Yam was once known to be a place filled with accidents due to the dark nature of the place at night.

The old man then told us that he can help us with the situation by talking to the ghost possessing Lee. He said to Lee, “Why are you disturbing us kids?”, the ghost said “They were having too much fun, their cars woke me up”, the old man uttered some words which is a chant to get ghosts out of one’s body but the ghost resisted and said “Why should this kid survive this? He had the most fun”.

The situation was worsened when Lee started to get scars out of a sudden on his head, it is as if the Ghost was trying to slowly kill him. The old man continues to chant those words and the ghost kept giving Lee scars until the ghost eventually left Lee’s body. The rest of us took out our phones as there was messages coming in suddenly, which means the ghost was controlling our phone lines so that we couldn’t get help.

The old man warned us not to use the same road back and told us to use another road to go home, but before that, he gave us his number and told us to whatsapp him when we reach home. While going home, Joe, who was curious, searched on the net about past accidents in Ulu Yam, he noticed that there was an accident 20 years ago involving a young man and his friends who were having fun in the car before getting hit by a truck.

We sent the news to the old man and the old man said that this person was the ghost and warned us not to go through that road again as there are chances that a ghost would possess the same person again. We went home and were grateful that we survived the incident with out any casualties. We felt happy and grateful, until a week later…

Joe, who is a curious person, decided to go against what the old man told us, and he drove to Ulu Yam without our knowledge and this time, he didn’t come back. We encountered the news on Facebook that Joe was killed while driving, the suspicious part is, he didn’t hit another car, his dash cam footage shows that he just went straight into a cliff and fell off, immediately we knew who was the culprit...

The end

© 2020 Nigel Koay

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