A Sparkle Of Light

Updated on April 24, 2017

Even Though It's Pitch Black Outside

Relaxing at home

Just trying to play catch up

A full day of work

Almost like having a five course meal

From appetizers to entree to the dessert

Soup to nuts

A busy day

What can I say

Left for work at 7:30 in the morning

I wasn't home till 8:00 at night

By the time I showered and ate

Now it's 10:00

Where did the day go

I wonder if it is possible to freeze it

Frame by frame

I can try to replay it in my mind

I crawled out of my bed

Wishing it wasn't true

The last thing I remember is shutting my eyes

Then it felt like ten minutes tops

The alarm clock sounding like an unexpected fire truck zooming by

I knew if I laid back

I wouldn't get up

Then I would be late for work instead of early

Surprisingly I am not tired

With only four hours sleep

I started to make breakfast

Scrambled eggs, English muffin and some fruit salad

I let my wife sleep another half hour

In the past she has done the same for me

Getting dressed is more like a clown getting ready for his show

I play a part

I do it well

I make many people happy

I would rather write

I don't mind playing a clown

It's something I have done for years

I am not a real clown


I go to work and have done the same job my whole life

Most people I started working with have moved on to other jobs

There are many teenagers that work there because it is there first job

Until they gain more experience or get tired of the work

They can last anywhere from a few days to a few years

I go to work and do the same job

I am never bored

I reinvent myself each time

Looking at the same job

Ten thousand different ways

My pay is not bad

I can count on a fixed number

It will never triple in number

Even to double would be unheard of

It pays the bills

It is so different than writing

Where you can get paid nothing or a pretty penny

Where creativity is the key

In my job they want results and speed

I cook people food

The more people

The more business

Sometimes we have no free time

I am reminded time and time again

No people no job

Peoples habits are predictable

There minds aren't

In an instant they can decide not to come

Do to bad weather

Other commitments

Lack of money

They can change their habits

That creates a whole new ball game

I can go on and on

With my keen insight

Then again I know you are pressed for time

So I have learned that I can express some of my favorite highlights

Then another time fill in the hours

Each story is the same day

Just penned a different way

Where writing I work alone

Clearing my head of one thought

To make room for another

When I am done

Which could take me an hour or little over four hours

Depending on each line and how it intersects with the next one

Like a busy highway and I can be the overpass

Under pass or a red light

Each directing traffic to an unlimited number of destinations

As I sit down

Just five minutes before I had no idea this is where I would be

I love to write that is my foundation

Now what I build depends on so many different factors

I could make a one hundred foot high rise

A little ranch house with a pretty yard with all kinds of flowers in the back

A fancy charming little condo

Go in a totally different direction

A bright red brick office building

That holds ten different companies

Thousands of employees

Hundreds of jobs

I have no restrictions

But there are unwritten rules

I have to motivate the reader

Captivate their interest and desire

Even if I do succeed

At anytime they can loose interest

So I have to be on guard

The toughest part I know nothing about this person

It's like going into battle and not knowing my enemy

All that is too scary for me

So I think opposite of most people

I like to go on a trip instead of a destination

Finding a friend

Once you both connect

There are an endless great possibilities

This is where I met Terrielynn 1

If she read this line

I have filled my obligation to myself

To write with charm and a hidden wit

To attract someone to something that they were unaware of

If you are asleep

I missed my target

Then my strongest weapon

Like a missle hitting the sand

Buried forever

Hidden from the world

Disappearing in the water

Far ,far away from dry land


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    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      3 years ago

      Tamara Moore Each day may be common and routine. If we look at it through a microscope we might see a whole different day. Thank you for reading and sharing.

    • profile image

      Tamara Moore 

      3 years ago

      I love it! Delightful!


    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      3 years ago

      Manatita44 Every difficult time in our life can be an opportunity we didn't see. One that challenges us to our true capabilities. Finding other people who excel in their life. Then listen and learn from their knowledge and experience. New thoughts and ideas will reveal themselves like flowers after a harsh winter. The ground frozen made it impossible to grow. It is after a slow thaw flowers will begin again. Nature provides the right environment to ensure proper growth. Thank you for your support and strength.

    • manatita44 profile image


      3 years ago from london

      Same grind. You paint it well. Good that you can re-invent yourself... stay motivated. Peace.


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