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A Sleeper Has Awakened

Poetry is the food of the soul. It's my greatest contribution to the world and an area I can always grow.


I've become a ghost

To those who seek to feed upon my energy

To those who wish to step on my back

In their quest to rise above me

I've become transparent

To those who take without giving

To those who share endless complaints

While swimming in their self-created pools of negativity

I'm hidden in plain sight

Observing the parasites

The manipulators

Who with but a whisper bring chaos

Watching them in their orgiastic consumption

Destruction fueling their continued rage

Confusion their ally

Corruption their means of control

I've been reborn

A sleeper has awakened

Blind no more

I've risen above the bedlam

My armor no longer necessary

Hate banished from my existence

With eyes wide open

I tenuously take each step forward

No longer seeking the approval of the undeserving


Reaching my hands down to lift them up

Offering my most precious gifts

Asking nothing in return

Choosing to give

Instead of being demanded of

Sharing light with those living in darkness

Helping to reveal

Symphonies instead of noise

Inner peace instead of conflict

Harmony, Happiness, and Love

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