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A Short Story: Parallel World

Nazmun loves writing and watching movie and reading books. Now she wants to take a break and write for Hubpages.

This is a fantasy, science fiction and comedy short story written by Bangladeshi author Nazmun Nahar

When he regained consciousness, he looked around. Understand that he is in his machine.

I was talking about Hasnat. He built a machine to control time. The problem is the machine didn't want to work. However, after so many years of research, he was finally able to build a machine. But he did not know that his machine could not control time. Rather, it will take him to a different world. No one has ever come to this world except him.

An old clock

An old clock

The machine does not want to work at first but starts to run in a hurry. He loses consciousness due to excessive pressure. When he regained consciousness he could not understand where he was. He looked around and realized that he was in his machine. But the machine is made of aluminum with an aluminum chair and other equipment inside. And there is a special speaker robot that helps Hasnat to work with instructions. There are no windows except for one door. Hasnat sat up with his hands on his head. His head is spinning and he is screaming in pain. Tarsus (special speaker robot) told him, "Get up then."

"You mean?"

"You were unconscious for three days."

Hasnat asks in surprise, "What! Three days?"

Now Hasnat could understand why he was so hungry.

"Yes. Anyway welcome to the other world."

Hasnat was so startled that when he heard the other world, lightning struck his head. He becomes restless. He said, "I made a time machine. Not a machine to go to another world."

"No, you made a machine to go to another world."

"What are you talking about? I made a time machine."

"There was a mistake in your equation. For which time control did not work but brought you into the parallel world."

Hasnat says angrily, "Why didn't you tell me that before?"

"You didn't ask me, so I didn't tell you."

Hasnat walks around the machine like crazy. He should go out and see what the other world looks like. Can't even open the door. He says angrily, "Why can't the door be opened?"

"Coming into the parallel world takes a small hit on the machine. This caused a malfunction in the door lock system."

Hasnat stopped. As if he could not believe his ears. He yells, "Ahhhhh! When will it be okay?"

"If you don't fix it, it won't work."

Research room

Research room

He was very disappointed to think that he would have to stay inside this small machine. He doesn't know what to do. He thought that by controlling time, he would go to the past and future. His discovery will be shown to the whole world. It's value will increase his respect. He is neglected by everyone. Parents, brothers and sisters all consider him useless. He has no friends yet. In fact, no one wants to be friends with people who are accustomed to living a simple life like him. Hasnat makes an equation of time alone. Accordingly he also made machines.Meanwhile, he did not bring any food with him, so he sat in an aluminum chair with his hands on his stomach.

Suddenly Hasnat says, " I'm going back to my world."

"Will you leave without seeing?"

"Let's see! The door is closed."

"You can't open the door even if you go back to your world."

Hasnat blackened his face and said, "That's right."

"Hmm, robots are always right."

Hasnat is not getting the strength to go to fix the lock. He began to squirm in agony of hunger. Has not eaten for three days. Tarsus says, "Won't you fix the lock?"

"I don't have that energy. Why did I go to control the time. Now I have moved to the parallel world. How can I go back? There is no profit in going back. The door cannot be opened."

Hasnat sat with pressure on his stomach and cried. Tarsus says, "What can I do for you?"

"Bring food."

I love this abstract painting. So I put it here.

I love this abstract painting. So I put it here.

Tarsus goes silent. He can't bring food. He's the only speaker robot that can't do anything but talk. Hasnat takes some equipment to open the lock. Trying to open the lock with the pain of hunger in the stomach but repeatedly failed. The door is stuck too badly. With frequent breaths, Hasnat almost fell to the ground. The speaker robot said, "Can't you open it?"

Hasnat did not answer. Hasnat whispered and said only one thing, "I am very hungry."

Hasnat will almost lose consciousness due to anxiety and hunger. Just then he saw with a blink of an eye that the door of the machine was broken and someone was entering. Tarsus exclaimed, "What a beauty!"

A beautiful girl in strange clothes is standing with a strange instrument in her hand and is looking at him. But then he lost consciousness.

When he regained consciousness, he found himself trapped inside the machine. He asks, "Who came?"

Tarsus says, "Beautiful, beautiful, shining like a diamond, shining like the light of the spring sun, clear as clear water, white as a cloud, her smile like honey, her eyes drawn like the princess of a dream, her hair long as Rupanzel and beautiful, like a pearl, her teeth pearly.As beautiful as if someone had brought pearls from the sea and planted them, the fingernails and the tongue…."

Hasnat says angrily, "Shut up!"

Abstract painting

Abstract painting

Tarsus's nonsense stopped. Hasnat heard the sound of laughter. The girl enters through the door smiling. Hasnat sees her.

Eyes widened. She is not as beautiful as Tursus described but very beautiful. Not as white as the clouds. Her skin has been burnt in the sun. But Hasnat never thought that someone could look so beautiful even in a tan color. Brown lips will beat red lips. The depth of the black eyes is hitting Hasnat's heart with a hammer. She doesn't have hairs as Rupanzel, she has curly hair up to the waist. And it fits her well. She is not the princess of dreams, this is more beautiful than that.

The girl tells him, "This machine of yours is very funny."

Hasnat is staring. It's hard to talk

"Yes, I know that."

Hasnat asks Tars in surprise, "Does she know our language?"

"Yeah. Because it's a parallel world. Where you are now is your own room. But it's only in your world. In the parallel world there is another place for your room. The language here and the language of your world are one."

The girl blinks and rolls her eyes and says, "What is he saying?"

Hasnat looked at the girl and said, "Let me go. Why hold me?"

"You're a thief."

"What do you mean, I'm not a thief. Do I look like one,eh?"

"Hmm. Where did you come from in my garden without permission? Again with such a big machine, wearing strange clothes! I was not at home for three days, you tried to steal."

"Heyy I'm not a thief. I'm from a parallel world!"

"What is it again?"

"Don't you know the parallel world?"


"Let me go. I'm not a thief. I'm very hungry."

The girl could not believe him. Then he says, "I lost consciousness in the agony of hunger, that's why you got the chance to hold me. You were not at home for three days, could I not have stolen in the meantime?"

The girl was silent for a while and said, "Are you hungry?"

Hasnat shook his head. The girl unbuttoned his hand and said, "My name is Henna. Yours?"


"Where are you from?"

"Another world."

"As far as I know there is one world and another world after death. No one can die and come back. What do you mean by another world then?"

"It's a parallel world."

Henna didn't understand anything. Just stared. Hasnat says, "You don't even understand."

Abstract image

Abstract image

Henna gave him food. Hasnat was surprised to see that the food was completely different. It also tastes different. He has never seen such food. Henna was surprised to find out. Because these foods are not the food of any rich people, all ordinary people eat these foods and Hasnat does not know them. Hasnat was eating food like he had not eaten for thousands of years. At the end of the meal, Hasnat asks Hena to help. He wants an aluminum door because the machine door has been smashed by Henna with a weird looking weapon. If he wants to go back now, he has to fix the door. Until then, Hasnat will tour this world.

Hena is very happy to have Hasnat. As if she had found the man she wanted. Hasnat has won Hena's heart with his soft and sweet nature.

Henna goes to the sea with Hasnat in an old car. The sea here is even more strange. How! The mind is lost in that unknown. Henna's tan skin is glistening in the sunlight sinking in the sea. Moreover, the vegetation here is very tall and wide. Flowers of various colors and fruits of extraordinary sweet taste.

In the evening, Hasnat returned home with an aluminum door. He is very tired and spends the night without any work. Hasnat started fixing the machine again from the next day. Although Hena wanted Hasnat to stay. But Hasnat wants to go back to his previous world. Henna asked, "Is this world bad?"

"No, not at all. It's much better than my world, but I can't think of leaving my family there."



"What is that?"

Hasnat was surprised to hear Henna's question and asked, "Don't you know?"

Henna shakes her head letting Hasnat know that she doesn't know. Hasnat says, "Parents, siblings are the family."

"Parents, siblings? Who are they?"

Hasnat swallows and says - where I have ended up. She doesn't know about family!

Hena says, "There is nothing here as family or parents, siblings."

"Then how are you born?"

"Made in a city lab."

Hasnat stared wide-eyed. In front of him is a woman made in a lab.

Hasnat made a machine and went out to walk alone. He saw a few diamonds from a truck go down the road. He called the truck but the truck driver did not hear it. He picked up the diamonds and put them in his pocket. He thought that he would be able to earn some money by selling these.

Hena was very happy to have Hasnat in her lonely life. Hasnat explained to her what a family is. But he is going to his own world. Henna gets upset. She can't hold Hasnat. Meanwhile, Hasnat really fixed the machine and said goodbye to Hena and started looking at the diamonds with a happy smile. Shining! But inside, it looks like there's a black dot. What is the real black thing in it? Questions started to arise in Hasnat's head. But again he comforted himself - maybe it's a diamond thing. He does not know what is waiting for him.

Abstract background

Abstract background

After Hasnat was busy making another equation with time control. And keep thinking about where the diamonds can be sold. Suddenly he hears a noise in his bedroom. Did a thief come through the window?

He cannot live in peace after bringing diamonds. He thinks someone will steal the diamond. This fear does not let him get a good night's sleep. Put the diamonds in a small bag in the bedroom. So he ran away with a gnashing of teeth. But as soon as he opened the door of the room, he was startled by what he saw and shouted loudly. He pulls his eyes well with his finger and sees what he is seeing but how is it possible!

The human child came out of the diamonds. Not a kid. Seven children. But is this how babies are made in the lab? Was that truck a lab truck? Hasnat wide-eyed and sat down with his hands on his head. Each baby is four inches. They are three black and four fair. They get out of the diamond and start playing. Seeing Hasnat, they stopped and looked at him blinking. Seeing Hasnat sitting, they also sat on a small breakfast plate. Hasnat ate noodles on this plate. The plate is oily because of the oil. Hasnat left it here thinking it would be washed later. But the kids keep dancing on the plate.

Due to oil babies fall when running on the plate and they laugh.

Now they are sitting there. Hasnat takes the plate in his hand and says to them, "Have you just been born?"

They shake their heads together.

"Then why don't you go to sleep now? You're a newborn."

They look at each other without realizing it. Hasnat says, "I mean start playing as soon as you are born!"

This time a child says with a sweet smile, "Hasnat we are hungry. Bring food!"

Hasnat's hand trembled and the plate almost fell on the floor. He managed

himself and puts the plate on the table and then goes to the floor and says, "How dangerous and canning these kids are! How did you know my name?"

"We found out all about you by looking at your laptop."

"Aa aa my laptop?"


Hasnat screams and says-they are mature the moment they are born. They looked and checked all about me through my laptop,and didn't know what they would do until the next moment. I do not know what to do! Size four inches and work like adults. What? What's the stench?

One kid chuckled and said, "I've done biological work."

Hasnat screamed and hit the wall with his nose and hands. He was even more surprised to see that the babies were no longer four inches, they had grown bigger. Six are standing on the floor looking at him and another is going to a corner of the room and looking at him and smiling. That kid is pooping and the whole room is now stinking. Before he leaves the room, he tells them, "The bathroom is over there. Clean my room."

When he says he wants to go out, the children lock the door and say, "You can't go. You have a responsibility to serve us."

Hasnat wants to run away from them but they hold him tight. The tumultuous battle continues in the middle of the room. The other child in the corner of the room is smiling wickedly. In the end, Hasnat was defeated by the children and cleaned the stool of that child. Meanwhile, the rest of the children also left the stool. Hasnat is cleaning wearing gloves and masks in such a way that it looks like the poor Hasnat are working to save the country. He never took the children in his arms and now he is busy taking care of seven children. Everything is fine but they can't eat. They are made in a lab so their food is also different. Hasnat thinks, then all the mess will end only if they are sent back to the other world by machine.

But now there is another problem. According to the new equation, many things have changed in the machine. So the machine will not be able to take them to that world. Meanwhile, the old equation in the file was thrown in the garbage bag. One by one he opened the garbage bag and wanted to vomit because of the stench. The kids cry for food. After getting the equation file at the end, Hasnat started to fix everything again according to that.

Meanwhile, the children messed up everything in his house. Throw all the food from the kitchen on the floor. They play with the ice in the fridge, throw the rice and flour drums on the floor and play with them on the floor. They are not going to be handled. Hasnat wants to get them back quickly. What are these kids doing out of diamond eggs? The condition of the whole house is very bad. If mother sees him, he will be beaten by her. Good that my parents went for a tour.

The machine adjusts. Hasnat tells the children to come inside the machine and they will be taken to the other world. The kids start to do more nonsense when they see the machine. Hasnat had made small chairs for the children but the children have changed from baby to boy in these few hours. So they can't sit in the chair. Hasnat gave them his old clothes. Hasnat loses consciousness again while moving to another world by speeding machine and the children take a pen out of his pocket and draw a beard on his face. Makes the lips black. They put black spots on his eyes and made a black clown, laughing and falling into each other's bodies.

Just then another accident happened due to going to the other world. The kids aren't scared at all. But they are very hungry. Yet the mischief does not stop. They sing along with the Tarsus. They ask, "How would you feel Tarsus if we slapped you on the ear?"

"What if we cut your tongue? Can you still talk?"

"How about drinking garlic juice,Tarsus?"

"Otherwise,would you like some broccoli juice?"

Hasnat regains consciousness within a short time. Then he felt something heavy on his chest. He opened his eyes and saw that the children put their hands on his chest and looked at him with magical eyes. He screamed, but they weren't afraid. They hugged him and shouted happily, "Wake up!"

Hasnat says to himself, "How long have I been unconscious?"

"Just a few hours," says Tarsus.


"Hasnat send the kids back quickly. They're extremely annoying to humans as well as robots."

Hasnat smirked and said, "You must have been taught."

"Ish! I'm super annoyed!"

Hasnat hears someone breaking down his door again and entering. Hasnat shouts, "Heyyy my door!"

Henna breaks down the door and enters and sees Hasnat. She says happily, "Came again?"

Hasnat says while touching his hair, "The door was alright. There was no need to break it."

"Oh I thought you were stuck again."

Henna looks at the children and says, "Hey they are?"

Hasnat tells her all the facts and Hena starts laughing. Henna buys food for the kids that they can eat. Hena says, "The diamond you thought was actually a crystal."

"What is a crystal?"

"These crystals are made in a lab with embryos inside. And as babies in the lab, they grow physically faster. They are much more intelligent and they grow faster like this until they are eighteen years old. Then they grow slowly slowly as usual."

Hasnat smiled and said, "But that's not right. The baby should be born normally. Because these babies are from the lab, they will never know who their parents are. That's why there is no family and no love."

Henna listened quietly.

Hasnat says, "Family is very important.People get love, care, education and if that family is not there then what could be more painful than this. If you die now, no one will remember you. But if you had a family, they would remember you. You're really miserable. "

The kids hear everything. They are now eighteen years old. As Hasnat left, they hugged him. Henna gives Hasnat a present. Then one child says, "I want to give a gift too."

Saying this, he gave a packet to Hasnat. Naughty smile on the corner of his lips. Then everyone says in unison, "Daddy!"

Hasnat looks at them unprepared and asks, "Where did you learn the word "Dad" ?"

"We were in your world. We all know. You're leaving. Won't you come and see your children again?"

Hasnat says no by shaking his head. Then a naughty smile appeared on the faces of the children. They say, "What else to do!"

Hasnat does not understand the secret of their laughter. But no problem. He will understand after a while.

Hasnat turns on the machine and sits in a chair to go to his world. He was looking at the gift given by Henna. He was happy to see Henna's gift. He suddenly remembered What did the children give him? He should see that.

Hasnat opened the packet and shouted loudly. Hey heyyy naughty children! They gave crystal to Hasnat but not seven this time. They gave him twenty. As he saw this. He felt like the sky broke on Hasnat's head. It was difficult to handle the seven. It's twenty again. That means he has to go to the parallel world again!

© 2021 Nazmun Nahar

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