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A Short Story: Can She Fight the 7 Demons?

I love reading and writing. I came to writing late in life and discovered a world where I feel like a fish in the water.

A Quest to bring back a sense of normalcy.

A Quest to bring back a sense of normalcy.

On a dark and bleak night, seven demonic forces assembled. Wra, Gre, Lut, Soh, Eny, Gul, and Pir had extraordinary powers. Each was endowed with a different vim, and their combined powers were terrifying.

As it was in their nature, these demons cherished sowing fear and spreading feelings of scarcity and powerlessness among humans.

But the powerful light coming from one of the houses in the village was getting too strong to bear and was disturbing their work. They were finding it increasingly difficult to wreak havoc on the humans living in the village below.

They met in a gloomy and filthy cave, filled with the waste of bats. This was their favorite location to meet when trouble was brewing.

At Home

Lizzie was reading a book by the fireplace when she felt their presence. Without turning her head, she saw their hideous heads and heard their hateful utterances.

Demons have bodies that are undetectable by human eyes unless they received special training.

This was not the first time Lizzie faced demonic forces. No matter how desperate the moment, she always asked heaven for help, calling with the right tone, with love and reverence for the Divine.

An angel had appeared to her the night before. The angel council had felt a promising bent in her space. She was to prepare herself for the battle.

Hesitant, Lizzie tried to get out of what was coming by claiming she did not have enough energy. She was assured that she had plenty of energy. “This is not going to be a lost battle if you apply yourself,” she was told.

Lizzie was being called to sacrifice her wish for comfort to answer the challenge of restoring harmony in the normal life of the villagers.

She remembered her aunt’s teaching, “when people seek revenge or mean for cruel things to happen to others, the demon spirits will hear them because it’s their dial tone; they can be found on this wavelength. If hateful words are uttered with real intent, then the people who uttered them owe the demons that answer the call.”

Preparing for the Fight

Unbeknown to her, three angels watched the scene. A voice of heaven to brighten the world, their plan was to stay hidden until her victory was complete.

They were angel warriors and had come armed with charms, and the ability to alleviate harm with swords and with words.

“Should we warn her?” said one of them.

“Let’s give her the chance to hone her ability to fight them. She needs to prove to herself that she is worthy of the vow she made to God to uphold truth and beauty in her village. We’ll interfere only when we have to,” said the other one.

They beamed as they heard her pray out loud. "She is readying herself for the fight.”

The Ancient One

Standing unseen in the shadow, an Ancient One was listening to the conversation of the angels. She was there to watch Lizzie save her world and to silently help her understand the question that kept haunting her, "Why me?"

Until there were trust and love in Lizzie, the Ancient One would grant her a concentrated calm to fight off the hellish forces.


Spiritual Battle

In one dashing movement, the monsters filled Lizzie's home with a foul smell, a fog so thick it made seeing almost impossible, and a deafening music so loud it could be heard miles away.

They had divided the tasks of tormenting her and went to work at once.

Lizzie’s senses were flooded with the sight and smell of an incredible buffet. Gul had produced every savory dish with colorful drinks. The smell of food was overwhelmingly appealing but too sweet for her liking.

She was overwhelmed with excessive appreciation of her own abilities and power. Pir had filled her with excessive self-esteem to make her forget the divine grace. But the divine grace had filled every fiber of her being that nothing could dispel it.

Ger flooded her with desire for material wealth and threw a veil of ignorance over her eyes. The veil fell immediately as it would not stick to her face.

Wra approached her and blew in her face the powder of uncontrollable feelings of anger and rage. The powder immediately dissipated.

Lut shape shifted into the form of a beautiful creature capable of stirring sexual urges and disgraceful passions. Lizzie dismissed the creature.

In all of this, Lizzie’s face remained serene and imperturbable. She saw the toils of the malevolent forces, but her spiritual armor was impenetrable. No amount of hatred or pride could penetrate it.

Lizzie said out loud, “Are you done?” and started chanting in a lovely melodious voice. She knew how much they hated chanting and felt repelled by it.

Soh countered her chanting by throwing at her an incantation to make her feel lazy, with no energy for any spiritual effort. She focused on her breath to keep her vital energy.

When Lizzie didn’t budge and continued chanting, six of the demonic forces roared with rage and left back to their meeting location.

Left alone after the other demons fled, Eny was filled with the intent of wreaking havoc on Lizzie. Eny reasoned with her that she should be the only person in the village to possess a supernatural power. He incited her against other women in the village who might possess a power equal to hers. She ignored him.

The demons came back and surrounded her howling and throwing insults at her.


Lizzie looked up and her eyes filled with wonder and awe. Three angels, bright as the shining sun, showed themselves and stood by her side. Lizzie’s face shone with delight and her luminous energy shone around her body. The demons trembled in fear and covered their eyes from the blinding luminescence of the angels.

With one resonant voice, the angels said, “Depart now and never again return to this place. Go back to where you came from. You have no power over this soul”.

The infernal energies vanished and took with them the foul odor and the shrieking.

The air in the house cleared immediately. Nature outside looked resplendent. A sigh of relief escaped her lips. Lizzie listened to the random sounds that came in the breeze, and the birdsong that came so melodically as if it were spun sugar.

With a bow of the head, the angelic forces left.



The Ancient One

The face of the Ancient One shone with beauty and serenity. The hint of a smile touched her lips, Here is a powerful addition to our efforts to protect the earth and keep it from harm.

The cumulative work of the Ancient Ones, over the centuries, has weakened destructive forces everywhere. These destructive energies are no longer capable of the same intense attacks against the earth. Their rivalry in inflicting pain lessens them and works against them.


© 2021 Liliane Najm

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