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Short Story: A Dazzling Light

I love reading and writing. I came to writing late in life and discovered a world where I feel like a fish in the water.

On a Quest to Retrieve the Sphere of Light.

On a Quest to Retrieve the Sphere of Light.

Luce walked lithely toward the storehouse that was known to be full of treasures. She focused her attention on moving her toned body very quietly. Her sources told her of a secret room full of treasures located in the center of the structure. She was interested in only one of these treasures.

The map she had was basic, but Luce counted on her intuition and magic to guide her.

“Beware the keeper of the secret room,” she was told. “There are toxic organs and closed hearts in there that could lead you astray. Ignore the standing army and beware the places where souls are sold for nickels and dimes.”

Luce laughed and shrugged her shoulders when she heard the warning, but now wished she had found out more about her destination.

Why can’t they give warnings with less flair and drama? She admitted to herself that the warning chafed her nerves.

Sphere of Light

“Do not linger your gaze on the sphere of light,” Deborah her mentor said. “Its dazzling beauty might imprison you in a place from which you might not come back. The moment you see it, wrap it with this coat of emerald and sapphire jewels, put it in your satchel, and bring it back to the academy as quickly as you can.”

The sphere of light was an object of immense power. It had been stolen by a powerful demon an exceedingly long time ago. All attempts to retrieve it had failed and humanity had suffered from its misuse.

Luce was one of the most skilled apprentices the academy had seen. She was their last hope in retrieving the precious object and restoring harmony on earth.

Remote Viewing

Three days earlier, she did several remote viewing sessions targeting this location. She used her body as the link between her conscious and subconscious mind and managed to draw a map of this site. She submitted her full report to her mentors to get their approval before going on the expedition.

Deborah had assured her that her magic was alive, so when she calls upon it, she must treat it as a free wolf, not as a dog on some leash. She could summon it, but then she will have to let it do its work with free will.

The keeper of the secret room was known to appeal to the demons of Satan to help him instil horrid emotions in those who dare approach the sphere of light. That is how the keeper was able to keep secrets from the like of Luce.

Luce had stopped praying a long time ago but felt the need this night to call on an angel. She uttered a quick and silent prayer summoning the Angel of La and the eternal team to help her. She needed help to stand up to the demons who were all about suffering and pain.

To get inside the storehouse, she had to cross a garden.

Crossing the Garden

A large dead eye was painted on the entrance of the garden. In this frightening place, it must have represented the dead eyes of the living whose souls were in such deep coma that they were the walking dead.

Luce was a city girl who gravitated to parks seeking tidy nature taken care of by someone else’s hand. The dead garden surrounding the storehouse was no surprise to her. No one here would care about beautifying nature.

Decayed plants and vegetation lay everywhere. The bushes were so thick that it was clear no one had walked there, flew or crawled perhaps but definitely not walked. The foul aromas of the decay evoked unpleasant sensations that made her feel sick.

No one here cares to potter, weed, trim, and take fresh herbs to the kitchen for cooking with. It’s so neglected it looks like the face of death itself.

Luce crossed the garden by taking a small pathway leading to the front door. On the wet rain-washed cement of the path was a small and cheap mirror, the kind you see in a dollar store. Its surface was covered with a green slime. She stuck the object in her pocket anyway. Even though it was vulgar and cheap, it could be useful in a critical situation. A flash of light at the right time from the right place could make all the difference in such a situation.

Sphere of Light.

Sphere of Light.

Inside the Storehouse

The main door was unlocked. A narrow and dark entrance hall led her to a large dusty room that was bare of any furniture except for a pedestal where the sphere of light was placed.

The walls looked dusty. In the grime that must have taken a long time to form, a streak of sunlight came through a slit in the wall. Luce walked toward the pedestal taking care not to look at the sphere of light directly. She held the mirror and looked at the reflection of the object on the mirror.

Even though natural light struggled to shine through the grime on the windows, the light coming from the sphere of light was spectacular.

As Luce was about to wrap the object with the coat of jewels, a loud bang came from somewhere nearby. She jumped. Her eyes accidentally fell on the object and she immediately froze. The sphere of light had the kind of radiance that enchanted the eyes to open wide and keep them engrossed.

An Old Woman

Luce awoke from a deep haze still holding the wrapped object and the mirror. It took her a moment to realize that the scream she heard came from her lips. A quick look at the mirror made her wince. The mirror reflected the image of an incredibly aged woman with white hair and a wrinkled face.

Luce looked behind her to see who the woman was. Finding no one in the room other than her, she looked again at the mirror. She was looking at her own face. Frozen in time, an incredibly long time had passed since the day she walked into the storehouse to retrieve the precious object.

The old woman knew that the story of her life was almost done.

If I go back to the academy with the sphere, someone else might go through the same thing and be frozen for a long time. Everyone I know must be dead by now. Besides, it’s in blackness that light is at home.

Luce placed the sphere back on the pedestal. She sat down on the floor, rested her back against a wall and spent what's left of her life gazing at the treasured piece.


© 2021 Liliane Najm

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