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A Shame of the Fathers


The leaders of this nation have always been courageous,

Never before in history have they shown such ineptitude.

Seems to be only wanting what's theirs, as advantageous,

Now as time has marched solemnly onward, of a solitude.


Such a calamity in this world which we now to abide,

Everything rejected of the former, thrown to the side.

The powerful only to care for themselves, are so vain,

While leaving the large masses to wallow in the rain.


This country was built by a strong people of the world,

Emigrants have settled here, as banners are unfurled.

Now as many come to stay and survive, are so denied,

The travesty of no amnesty, to be so unfair many cried.


When will the fathers, once all caring and so resolved,

Change the poor direction, truly to become involved?

Take charge of the wheel, in steering the ship of state,

Correct the course of this nation, before it is too late?


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