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A Rose and its Thorns - A Short Story


Tell me: ever seen a girl with a cold gaze before? One that will make you wonder if she hates you or if she just always looks that way? You probably think she's just heartless to everyone, that she acts as if she's better than everyone else. To an extent, you'd be correct. Have you ever made her laugh?

How about seen her laugh? She looks radiant, doesn't she? That's when she's no longer focused on keeping her guard up.

I'm not telling you this because I'm some crazy feminist with a hypocritical agenda, but to warn you. She may seem strong, yet she's still fragile. She probably used to be the most open person you'd know until someone took advantage of her kindness. Her trust betrayed and no one there to help pick up the pieces. She's probably still broken, you know?

How do I know all this? Well, I was this girl; still am. I was too trusting of the world. My trust was betrayed one after another, constantly moving on to the next person I thought would always be there. Continuously picking up my own pieces; eventually, I had enough and stopped trying to trust those who couldn't be trusted. I no longer even smile now. I can't.

The reality of it is the human race is fickle. We get bored so easily with each other that we just move onto the next person. To get our next thrill. This is the sad truth of what we have become. I'm even guilty of this. Eventually, we learn that those who are willing to try to understand you and listen are those who mustn't be taken advantage of.

So if you're thinking of talking to this girl, picking her back up, and only to knock her back down; don't. Walk away and never look at her again. She might not be able to handle it another time; however, if you're willing to help her, to listen to her, to understand her, and never leave on purpose; then pick up her broken pieces for she no longer has the strength to do it herself.

This does not mean you should view her as weak; she's anything but. For every rose has its thorns and every girl can have a heart as cold as ice.

© 2018 A Lin Hunter

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