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A Resplendent Metamorphosis


An explosion of a supernova, the beginning of our solar system, by this cataclysm,

Millions of particles sent whirling into space, many held fast by strong magnetism.

The big star's major mass, remains intact, as about this globe, other orbs revolve.

Smaller globes spin in turn, their own special pathway, each, no mystery to solve.


Deep within every globe in orbit, a fiery core, a source, as the spawner of lives,

Each environment, a special sanctuary, to store, chemicals, a DNA that thrives.

The planetary worlds, while all do revolve, prolific life forms to evolve, in its time,

All are born, to exist in each one's niche, poor or rich, as an atomistic paradigm.


Life known on planet Earth, a proposed mystery, an enigma within a conundrum,

A product of all time, seemingly a beginning and and its ending, in its referendum.

Time's concepts in reality, much about triviality, in relation to origin of the universe,

As an infinity, there's no finality, as that of all spirituality, all the stars to transverse.


A trillion worlds, always changing, everything rearranging, metamorphosis, effects,

Beautiful lights, resplendent their colorations, incessant transformations, reflects.

Masterful artist, this creator of such grandeur, all pristine, so pure, this to project.

Every Small mind, all growing in kind, one day to comprehend, a truest of intellect.


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