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A Poem About Bringing up Children

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My son and daughter are now adults. I wrote this poem when they were 7 and 4 years old respectively & added the last verse more recently.

Bringing up Children

Bringing up Children

My Children

This little bundle I call my own,

who will you be when you're full grown?

I'll feed you at the dead of night,

or maybe rock you till you're quiet.

Next it's playschool, how time flies,

So grown up, we wave bye bye.

Paint & glue stuck in your hair,

your coat has gone, I wonder where?

Come & sit upon my lap,

so we can chat before your nap.

Listen carefully to what I say,

there's a new baby on the way.

Two little bundles I call my own,

who will you be when you're full grown?

Blessed with a boy & a baby girl,

how fast you grow, one plain, one purl.

Two pairs of eyes that shine so bright

and make me want to hug you tight.

I hope you grow to love one another,

little sister & big brother.

The world is yours you learn & play,

conquered several times a day.

All tucked in & ready to sleep,

my heart does ache with love so deep.

Through teenage years my hope for you,

is just that you both pull through.

Maybe the world is not what it seems,

even shattering a few of your dreams.

I've encouraged & guided & done all I can,

now face the world, a woman, a man.

One things for sure now you're full grown,

you are still mine, I call my own.

© 2017 Sue Payn

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