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A Picnic with Friends: A Short Story/Tale

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I'm a young author making a break in the world of writing. I have experience writing short stories, books, poetry, and reviews.

A Picnic with Friends

It’s seven minutes to noon, I have to get there quickly. I run around my house, grabbing my keys, phone, and finally the picnic basket sitting on the kitchen table.

“Bye Meow Meow,” I say to my lovely black cat as I rush out the door.

The field is just a short walk away. Through the forest on a dirt path and soon enough I will be there. Hopefully, I’m not too late and that my friends aren’t already there waiting for me.

On the path, I am greeted by the sound of birds and dragonflies traveling through the sky. Squirrels run up and down trees already preparing for the colder weather. Wind rustles the leaves and gifts me a cool breeze. Why did I have to choose such a warm day for this?

Before I even know it, I am granted the view of the wide-open field in front of me. Off to the side, I hear the rushing water of the stream. I walk to the middle of the field and set out a large blue blanket. My friends will be here any moment, so I must move quickly.

The basket full of delicious food made completely by me sits to the corner of the blanket. I fish out the plates and silverware and set them out. One of my friends will bring drinks and another is in charge of activities.

A wide grin spreads across my face when I see my friend’s faces appear through the trees. They run towards me, shouting with happiness and telling me about their morning. My friends did in fact bring delicious drinks of tea and juice and the other tells me of the playlist they made and they hold a bag of fun things to do.

I bring out the homemade bread, pasta, and other delicious treats and make their plates. I’m handed a bottle of butterfly pea tea that’s ice cold. Soon, music is playing through the field, melding and mixing with the sounds of birds and water around us.

We spend the entire afternoon sharing stories and playing games. The food is eaten happily and there isn’t even a crumb left. Used silverware gets placed back into the basket and the bottles are recollected by my friend. No waste is left out here, we don’t litter.

When the food is gone and we are full, we run around without a care in the world. Water from the stream is splashed at each other and flowers are picked to either be pressed or placed in our hair. The sun beams down on us like a warm smile, thankfully cooling a little as the day goes on.

Exhaustion hits all of us by the end but we go home happy nonetheless. The day of fun is soon ending, but there will be many more to come. I best continue working on my pastry recipes.

© 2020 EL Doll

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