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A Perfectly Hung Picture

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The picture hangs so perfectly on the wall of her mind.

The frame looks like one of those vintage pieces that people would sell their left kidney for. The market for those things never made sense to her. Why would someone pay such a fortune for a frame? Anyways, not the point.

The picture was depicting a stereotypical house on a beach. The backdoor patio was pristine, with a three-step staircase leading to the beach. The screen door appeared to be the only door in frame. Two windows on either side of the house giving it the illusion of openness and lightness. Making a passerby feel like they could see the whole house just by walking by. It appeared welcoming, beckoning to be entered. The house stood parallel to the worlds calmest looking beach. Consider beaches are never that calm, hard to believe this would be a real picture. But there it was, clear blue water with small ripple like waves crashing on the sand. No rocks or seaweed in sight. When does that ever happen? The sand reaching all the way up to the grass on the staircase. Flowing together like one solid motion coming from the ocean.

Why was this picture sticking in the back of her mind like a splinter in her palm? Was she yearning for the warmth and openness of the home? Or was she yearning for the peace of the sea and the vastness of the great unknown from beyond?

She could never tell. She can always rely on it hanging there. Perfectly on the wall of her mind. Calling to her and waiting to see which she’ll choose.

In this moment, the one with the greatest clarity is winning.


© 2019 Ashley

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