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A Nostalgic Adventure - A Short Story

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I'm a young author making a break in the world of writing. I have experience writing short stories, books, poetry, and reviews.


A Nostalgic Adventure

As weak light bounced around the room, the dust particles in the air were made apparent. The floorboards creaked under the weight of the girl as she made her way up into the attic.

She didn’t really know why she wanted to explore what the attic held, her decision was merely a whim. It had been years since she last went up there. In fact, it had been years since she stepped into her parent's house for life’s adventures had gotten in the way.

The girl pushed fallen hair out of her eyes and scanned the area. Boxes filled each corner of the room and discarded clutter filled the rest.

Again, she was following her intuition. She didn’t come with a goal so she explored the boxes that her heart and feet led her. With this method, she was led to a stack of boxes with an old blanket laid on top. It wasn’t just any blanket, however, even with the thick layer of dust and grime, she could still see the painted letters of her name written with a 5-year-old's handwriting.

Careful hands moved the blanket off to the side. There were three boxes in total, each saying different things. One was supposedly full of school papers and projects, a bit too lame for the girl to be going through on this whim of a moment. Another box was for old toys and books. She didn’t understand why her parents didn’t sell them, it’s not like she was going to use them any time soon and children weren’t one of her goals in life.

The last box had the word ‘ADVENTURES’ written across the box in perfectly imperfect child handwriting. This box called out to the girl, who was wondering why the labeling was so vague. She pulled the box towards her and sliced through the tape using her nail which she was thankful haven’t been trimmed yet.

The box had papers laying across the top, hiding everything underneath. Examining closely, she was able to see that the papers were lists and maps, everything from a map of the backyard to the city to places that reside in her imagination. The lists included adventures, items to bring in her tiny backpack, and even bits of dialogue. Under the papers was a backpack full of dusty notebooks and pictures. There were trinkets and clothes forever stained in mud and goop. Compasses, fake coins, crumbs from snacks long ago eaten, and pretty much any tool you would ever need on an adventure was in this box.

So many stories told with both words and photos resting in the grown girl’s hands. As she stared down at them, memories flooded back. All the adventures she ever went on had been resurfaced in her brain. She remembered all the joys her imagination brought her, the pain from falls and scratches, the feeling of exertion from running through the woods. Over ten years ago she was exploring what the world had to offer, every corner was looked through and every rock was turned. She never got tired of it.

A tightness squeezed in the girl’s chest, so much emotion being brought up at once. Many say that they hate the feeling of nostalgia, that it pains them to think about the good times in the past when the present is pretty bleak. But for many, like the girl, nostalgia is powerful.

As the many heart-twisting emotions flowed and passed through the girl, feelings of motivation and inspiration took its place. Whilst holding the bits of past that were slowly decaying, she decided that she would honor her past self by striving to find adventure in every moment of her day.

She gathered some of the tools, the ones that still seem to be working and useful, and tucked them in her purse. Then she folded the clothes, backpack, and the other things that would stay in the past and put them back in the box where they belong. The girl dusted herself off as she stood up. The other two boxes and blanket got restacked, but the box of ADVENTURES would stay with her forever. Who knows if she would need a bit of motivation in the future to continue her lifelong adventure?

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