A Night With A Mysterious Girl

Updated on December 5, 2017

About one month ago, I visited Bandarban with some of my friends.but because of my brother's accident I had to come back from Bandarban alone. It was a dark night.i was traveling alone through the middle of a mountain road.That night I was feeling very scared. I had heard rumors about the area.though I don't believe in such rumors.but I was scared.because the area was full of wild animals.

I was driving slowly as the road was muddy. there was rain a few hours ago which made the road worst.suddenly a beautiful young girl appeared in front of me.she was very well dressed.her hairs were shining.I couldn't just understand how anyone's hair can shine like this.it was totally strange.but I was shocked what was she doing on this road at this hour.I stopped my bike.as I stopped my bike she came to me.before I could say something she said that she was in a big trouble.she told me that she was very scared.she was traveling alone. but a few hours ago her car was damaged for some unknown reason and she couldn't repair it.then she was trying to get some help.but she couldn't find anyone.she was feeling very scared.she told me to take her to the nearest place where she could spend the night.i was little confused cause I had come towards that way.but I didn't see any car.but what to do? I took her in my bike and started moving.i was little worried cause the nearest motel is quite at a distance and it was very difficult to ride a bike in the road and also the area was of wild animals.Suddenly my worries turn into scared.when I saw that suddenly the amount of fuel decreased in a hilarious way and my bike was running out of fuel.At this time my bike stopped in the middle of the area.i was tensed as I had to go to my home as soon as possible.she asked me what happened?I told her that the fuel has finished.but she reacted nothing.i was thinking about what to do now?At this moment she told me to have a walk.but it was dangerous to walk in such road at this time.But as it was midnight I didn't think of someone came and help us.it was also dangerous to wait here.besides network was not available.so we began to walk.i had torchlight.so we were moving across the road.After some time we saw a group of a fox in the middle of the road.i was scary and stopped walking.but suddenly don't know why foxes were running away from us.then we began to start again.At this moment I asked the girl what is her name and what was she doing in this area.then she told me that her name was Jenny.she lived here and began to laugh.i couldn't understand how can she laughed at this situation?then asked her again that where she lived.then she replied that she has already told me that.I was pretty confused what she meant.cause nobody actually lives here expect some indigenous .but she wasn't one of them.The night was passing, we were talking.but I feel strange about her answers.she told me that she used to live in Chittagong.but now she lived here.I asked her that how can she lived here.she smiled but said nothing .then she told me that are I feeling scary?before I could say something she told me that don't worry there is a house nearby.I thought she was made fun of me.cause I, with my friends traveled in this road, but couldn't see any house.But after some time I was shocked .i saw a small house a little corner in the road.rather I would happy I felt scared.because I thought there was something wrong with this girl.she told me to enter the house.i was confused what should I do?should I enter or not.i had no option rather than entered into that house, so I did it.there was no electricity in that house.Besides it looks nobody lived here for a long time.all of a sudden something just crossed beside me.I looked behind.But saw nothing.then I just ignored it and started to check the house, is everything ok or not? my heart stopped when I opened the door of the corner room.I saw a dead body lying in a bed.I clearly saw the face of the dead body.it was jenny's dead body.i began to tremble with fear.I looked behind to look for jenny .but saw nobody.suddenly I felt a touch on my back.then what happened?I didn't know.maybe I lose my sense.

The next day when I opened my eyes.I saw myself lying in the road.I was having a head headache and felt pain on my back.I looked for my bike.but didn't find it.then I sat under a tree and thought about the girl.where is that girl?where is the house?So, is the rumors were right?I spend the whole night with a shadow or it might be just my imagination.


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