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A Night Of Strange Noises

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Listen Did You Hear That

The hairs on the back of my neck are gathering round

Another bump and then thump

That was just outside our window

As I listen

I can hear the wind rustling across the deck

It gives a large burst then it quiets down instantly

So many people have lost power throughout the state

All we can do is wait

Now dark like rich chocolate

Our cat Charlotte is jumpy

We keep candles lit in the bathroom and kitchen

Two flashlights handy just in case the power goes out

We get a shower and ready for sleep

We check the heat

A comfortable 67 degrees

We are so fortunate even with extremely high winds

Only small branches have fallen

Wishing everyone a safe and pleasant night

Dreaming of a Spring day

With the windows open and the breeze blowing things off the table

Then a butterfly lands on the screen

Just stopping by

Checking things out

Then before I can get my phone to take a picture

Flys away and disappears out of sight

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