Mommy's World

Updated on September 13, 2018

A Mom's Life

It starts out living on three hours of sleep and changing endless amount of diapers and making many bottles of formula. Doing everything to calm a crying baby down by rocking, burping, singing lullabies, and speaking to them. It's an overwhelming experience for a new mom. Months go by and eventually so do years, things get a little easier in the sleep department.

Questioning themselves on their mom skills is normal, it's a little stressful trying to teach the simplest tasks to someone who has no idea how. The kind of things that should come easy. The potty training and teaching them to read is tough when the child has no interest. No body is judging because kids learn at their own pace.

It can be draining at times, coming home from work and having to start dinner and remember to do the laundry at the same time so that everyone has clothes for school/work. After dinner her task is to clean the dishes and the kitchen. When the kids don't clean up after themselves, the mother is the person to thank.

Even though father's are depended on keeping shelter for his family, the mother has her own responsibilities on which the family depends on her to handle.

Mother's are usually good for communicating and handling problems where emotions take part in. Her caring nature also helps in dressing wounds and keeping the family well when they're all sick.

Mom's play a very important part in our daily lives. Without her guidance, there is chaos.

More Than A Mom

Some days, a mom can be a teacher, a doctor, the cook, a musician, and even the entertainment. At the end of the day, she still has the say so in bed times and other rules.

There are sleepless nights and mornings where everyone is rushing out the door. Rainy days approach and floors become a muddy mess to mop.

Being a mom can also mean being a receptionist and a personal assistant, making calls to schedule doctor appointments and being responsible for getting the children to practices and science fairs. There is never a dull moment in a mother's day and even when the kids move out, she's still a parent for life.

Her Strengths

A mother never asks for anything in return from her family because she knows in her nature, it's her job to take care of them and be there at all times.

The ability to take on so much with only a little time to herself is just remarkable. Where does she find the energy to get it all done?

She would make sure everyone is resting when they're sick and in a scenario where she is sick, there is no rest when everyone needs her. No one should ever take their mother's for granted.

A Mother's Day Gift

All a mother would appreciate on mother's day is a card. Even a few flowers would be a nice gesture.

If a gift is not an option, helping her around the house or taking her for a day out could be a great idea.

Quality time is all she really wants with her family. No one knows the importance of time until it's too late. Thank them for their hard work and achievements.

Is it tough being a mom?

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