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A Morning Dream Flash Fiction

First time writing flash fiction. Feel free to leave comments.

Morning 5:30a.m. Sunrise

The ocean waves beat heavily upon the shore as Sasha walked barefoot along the muddy sand. The cool wind blew and caressed her body as she only wore a white slip gown. Her mind focused on the night before at the party not knowing the young man underneath the black baseball cap. All she remembered about him was the sweet aroma of his cologne, and the way his body led her across the dance floor. The DJ played a slow rhythm blues song chorus that Sasha could not resist. The music stayed in her head, the song vibrating her synapses. She wanted to see him again, but she didn’t even know his name. He was a phantom who danced with her at the party.

The sound of a cellphone alarm awakened Sasha, and from across the room appeared her husband’s black baseball cap.

© 2022 Alexis Kenyatta Ellis

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