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A Mistress Tale

A storyteller-researcher who focuses on the prevention of mental disorders and substance abuse among children, youth, and young adults.


The game is on and Manchester United is losing against Liverpool 4-0. The TV is on full volume and the commentary is echoing out the front door into the neighborhood.

"I'm done!"

Craig throws the tv remote on the coffee table and I wonder why men take sport so seriously, it's like, it's only a game, why are you taking it so personal? It's ok for your team to lose sometimes. He leans his head back, strokes my hair and says " do I have to go home?" his eyes look so puppylike, I just want to cuddle him. " Do I have to go work?" I reply flattering my eye lashes. I'm so in love, this seems so right.

My desk is looking hectic and I'm dazing off into fairy-tale land with only Craig on my mind when Mel swings her chair into my direction. She is doing some sort of hand signal that is confusing me so I do the same back. She's my bestie in the office, 36 years old, married with 3 kids and her husband gives her everything. She paints this "Power Couple" picture of them but she is miserable behind closed doors.

I look at my watch and it's 14:58 pm. "Two more hours to go" I tell myself before I grab my cup for another cup of coffee.

Half way down the hall Macy pulls me into her office and demands we do drinks later. " come on babe it's Friday" we'll go for dinner first of course no seafood this time though. We cant have you in bed for days again" I laugh and replied " I'll see you later" not sure if I was even up for it.

I look at my watch again, 16:39 pm, I look up and see Mel sitting across from me. "I'm thinking about divorce but I do know. I think he is seeing someone else". She's has this tired look on her face filled with hurt, pain and sorrow. I stand up to sit next to her to comfort her while grabbing some tissue from my desk.

" I don't know what's wrong with you honestly. Leave the man, take him for everything his got and make a life for yourself with those beautiful kids. Look at me, independent, living on my own terms and care free without having the problem of somebody else's baggage weighing me down." she looks at me and just shakes her head.

" You only 24 years old, never been marriage and dont even know how to change a diaper" she has a good laugh and begs me to never give advise on marriage to anyone again.


Yay it's home time and I am still contemplating whether or not I should meet Macy later. I'm riffling through my bag looking for lipstick when I hear my phone beep. A text message from Craig " won't see you tonight my love, you know the drill." Ok guess I'm taking Macy up on her offer.

" Black dress, Red heels matching bag or Blue heels with matching bag" Ah, I can't make my mind up! I throw the dress on my bed and sit on the floor when my phone rings. It's Craig.

" Can I come over "he is sounding down and out so I reply "of course" It's not even fifteen minutes and I hear his car pull up the driveway. I rush to the door to find him pissed out of his mind drunk barely standing. He walks close up to me, looks straight into my eyes and says "wow you looking rather delicious tonight" I give him a naughty smile and pull him by the hand leading him towards my bedroom.

As we lay side by side breathless he gently strokes my bottom lip with the tip of his finger and whispers " I think I'm in love with you" my heart is beating, and my cheeks starts to burns as they turn cherry red. I want to tell him I feel the same way but what's the point? It wont make a difference? It's not like we can get married and build a future together. We just fooling around.

Craig looks at me with disappointment in his eyes and asks "why aren't you saying anything?" my mind is running through twenty possible answers then out of the blue I reply "it's pointless" he sits up, takes my hand and says "I want to be with you not her" I try to change the subject but he doesn't take the bait. He then lifts my chin pulling me closer and whispers

"I love you"

Those words felt like a trigger going off. The bullet pierced straight through my heart. All I could picture was Mel's facial expression today. The sadness, the stress, and the hurt. She's been my friend and go-to person ever since I moved out here and started working at the firm. This is wrong and besides his never going to leave his wife of fifteen years. I know this. He has promised over a thousand times that he was going to leave but instead I got disappointed. I look at him with puppy dog eyes and say

"I love you too"

It's early hours of the morning and I heard glass being shattered in the distance. I'm struggling to open my eyes. The sound gets louder and I can hear screaming coming from the driveway. I jump out of bed and run to the window. " You piece of shit" she's screaming. Mel is holding a ten pound hammer, smashing Craig's car. He is jumping half falling around trying to put his pants on and I'm in a panic. She's crying, she's frantic. She kicks in my front door. I run to get my gown while I hear her curse words getting closer. I push Craig in front of me. "Stop her" I beg him. She kicks in my bedroom door and I find myself face-to-face with a woman scorned filled with rage.

Don't be "The Mistress" you never know the anxiety and depression the other woman is experiencing. Your selfishness can cause her to harm herself and others around her including you! Depression and Anxiety is real and can be a danger.


Infidelity is one possible cause of relationship distress. People in exclusive relationships may feel insulted and betrayed if their partner is unfaithful to them. This can be emotionally traumatic.

An older 2012 case study found that infidelity can increase the risk of suicidal thoughts and symptoms similar to post-traumatic stress disorder.

Furthermore, a 2016 study by trusted Source discovered that learning of a partner's infidelity increased the chance of a depressive episode in people who were naturally drawn to the condition.


Whisman, Mark A. “Discovery of a Partner Affair and Major Depressive Episode in a Probability Sample of Married or Cohabiting Adults - PMC.” PubMed Central (PMC), 30 Oct. 2015,

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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