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A Meeting With a Celebrity Crush (Fictional Story)

The writer loves to compose fictional stories from time to time.


Chapter 1: The Celebrity in Bliss

It was a sad Friday for Alicia Njuguna. She had gotten into a terrible fight with her baby’s father, and they had parted ways. All she could do is cry and try to forget the love she felt for Eric Otis. Fortunately, her son (Ryan) was with her parents for the weekend, so she had ample time to cool off and try to heal from the heartbreak.

Like most people in the 21st century, Alicia turned to her laptop to check for cool movies or TV shows to watch. The aim was to find something that could immerse her in another world. She stumbled upon “Bliss”, an American drama series about a troubled group of teenagers. Since the show was extremely gripping, Alicia found herself watching one episode after another without caring about the time.

The eight-episode show finally came to an end late in the night, but it had left Alicia with a new feeling. She had gotten a sudden interest in the show’s leading actress, Daya Thompson.

Daya was a famous actress, singer, dancer and model from the United States, and Alicia had come across a couple for her songs and films before. In previous times, Alicia had not taken much of an interest in the star, but after watching “Bliss”, all she wanted was to meet her someday.

For the next few days, the young lady would spend a portion of her time researching about Daya on the internet. She started to follow her on social media, and went through previous posts. In addition, Alicia went over to YouTube to check out the celebrity’s music, movie reviews and basically everything about her.

It was a crush for sure, and Alicia felt confused. She had never liked the idea of having a crush towards a celebrity, because it was a complete waste of time.

The young lady could remember how she had fallen hopelessly in love once with a celebrity called, Rome Tally, when she was a teenager. She also recalled how her feelings for the star had come to an end when she met Eric in University.

Now, at age 24, it felt strange for her to develop feelings toward a celebrity. It was more likely for teenagers to have a crush on a celebrity than for people aged above 20 years. She didn’t like it one bit, but she couldn’t prevent herself from wanting to know more about Daya.

It is important to note that the feelings Alicia felt for Daya were friendly, not romantic. She imagined how it would be if they could become best friends, and hang out some time.

Although Alicia longed to see Daya in person, she knew that it was completely impossible for several reasons. For starters, the two ladies were from two different countries. Daya was from the USA while Alicia was from Kenya. It was an unrealistic dream.

Secondly, Alicia wasn’t famous at all; she was a freelance online writer who mostly kept to herself, because of social anxiety. The chances of them becoming friends were equal to the chances of winning a lottery.


Chapter 2: Alicia and Eric

For two or three weeks, Alicia watched “Bliss” over and over again multiple times, because she couldn’t get enough of Daya’s performance. Eventually, she stopped watching, because she had mastered every part of the show.

She continued on with her life as usual, catering to her son, writing, and other life duties, but she still wanted to meet her celebrity interest.

Eric came back into Alicia’s life, and they made up. They were destined to be together, so no matter how many times they parted ways, they would always come back together in the end. And, Alicia loved Eric wholeheartedly. He was the father of her only child, and always made her feel comfortable and secure.

Alicia loved it when the three of them were together as a family. However, Eric had not yet married Alicia officially; it was more of a “come we stay” relationship. In addition, he had not introduced himself to Alicia’s parents either. So, the young lady’s parents did not know anything about Ryan’s father. Moreover, Eric’s parents did not know about Alicia and Ryan. In short, it was a complicated relationship.

Nevertheless, Alicia was deeply in love with Eric, and she longed for the day he would man-up and marry her for real. It pained her that he constantly refused to see her parents, and ask for her hand in marriage. But, Alicia understood Eric’s position. He was still immature.

The two of them had met each other during the first year of their university studies. It was a magical moment for Alicia. Never had she thought that she could be with a man, because in her previous school years she was extremely shy when it came to boys. Being with Eric gave her more confidence about her womanhood.

Eric and Alicia fell in love with each other; it was like a match made in heaven. For a whole year, their relationship was blissful. However, at the start of the second year at university, Alicia became pregnant. She was only 20 at the time, and very confused.

Eric was four months younger than Alicia, so they were pretty much the same age. He was perplexed to hear of his girlfriend’s pregnancy, because he was still in school and without a dime to his name. In addition, being in a developing nation, he found it hard to find a part-time job while pursuing his university education. Therefore, he suggested an abortion.

Alicia could not fathom the idea of an abortion, because of her Christian belief. She knew that two wrongs would never make a right. Hence, she turned to her two best friends, Cassie and Brandy, for advice. Her friends told her to keep the pregnancy and talk to her parents. They were faithful friends.

The thought of telling her parents about the pregnancy shook Alicia to bits, because she thought they would beat her or something worse. But, nonetheless, she sent a text message to her mom confessing the ordeal. To her surprise, her mom did not scold her, but rather, gave her words of comfort. It was very shocking.

So, Alicia kept the pregnancy and carried it to term. All this time, she was still attending classes at the university, but felt embarrassed as her belly grew bigger and more noticeable. She braved the shame all the same, and chose not to care about the weird looks from other students.

Alicia gave birth to her son during the school break at age 21. While the whole birth process scared her immensely, as it was extremely painful, she was glad to have her son, Ryan. By the grace of God, Alicia received financial and emotional support from her parents after Ryan’s birth. They helped raise the child, and were with her through every step of the way. It was a true blessing indeed.

However, Alicia felt guilty about burdening her parents, so when she went back to school for the third year, she looked for ways to work during her free time. Her parents took care of the baby while Alicia attended her classes, and Alicia wondered how she could pay them back.

Finally, she came across online writing jobs, and started to do them straight away during her free time. But, it was a tough job balancing school, a baby and writing work. The money she earned from online writing wasn’t much, but it was enough to buy diapers, pay for bus fare and purchase baby toys.

Eric wasn’t going to support her, so she had to do all she could to get ahead. Of course, Alicia was mad at Eric for not backing her up, but she couldn’t do anything about it. She felt jealous of the couples who were able to raise their children together, and cried too many times. Ironically, she would still find herself making time to see Eric while at school.

Finally, Alicia graduated from school with a Bachelor’s degree in Statistics. However, she had no plans of pursuing the field she had studied for, because being in a physical occupation brought her immense fear.

Before getting pregnant, Alicia was already suffering from social anxiety, but after becoming a parent, the problem became worse. It was especially worsened when Eric didn’t support her with the baby or come to see her parents. She wanted to stay as far away as possible from the real world. As a result, she continued with her online writing gigs, and didn’t bother to apply for jobs like her fellow graduates.

Writing wasn’t too bad, and she was finally able to move out from her parents’ house, and start a life of her own with her son. Having her own place was fun, but she made the silly mistake of allowing Eric to come and see her home. She wanted Ryan to have a relationship with his father, but it wasn’t easy. Eric didn’t seem like he was interested.

Alicia would allow Ryan to stay with her parents from time to time, because the young boy required a father figure. She knew that she could never rely on Eric. The two of them would break up and make up way too many times.

So, having a crush on a celebrity wasn’t such a bad thing for Alicia. Her real-life romance was an irreparable wreck, and having a crush on someone she could never meet immersed her in another reality.

Alicia daydreamed about becoming friends with Daya Thompson. She would dream about their first encounter, and how they would chat with each other over the phone. It was a dream indeed.


Chapter 3: Daya Thompson

Daya Thompson was a world-famous celebrity from California, USA. She had millions of fans who adored her and wanted to meet her. Daya was very kindhearted, and loved all the fans she had managed to gain through her hard work in the film, TV and music scene. The gifted star was also very fashionable, and it seemed that she could rock just about any outfit that was thrown her way. Most people attributed it to her lighter skin tone; her mother was white while her father was African American.

Fame was awesome. People treated her in a special type of way, and wanted her to sign autographs or take selfies with them. The career in the limelight had begun when Daya was just 12 years old.

In spite of the fame, Daya was a humble person at heart. She was also introverted, and loved to spend her free time in her million-dollar mansion with her dog or have fun with her large family.

Daya was, without a doubt, very successful, but like every other human being, she also faced several problems. One of the hugest issues was negative backlash from the public. Some people would post very hurtful messages about her on the internet. It wasn’t unusual for some random person to say something negative about a celebrity on social media.

She wondered what she could have possibly done wrong to warrant the hateful comments. They just talked about her, and yet they did not know who she was. It hurt deeply, but she found a way to move past the negativity.

Daya stayed off social media often, and would only log into her accounts to post about a work-related issue. Anyhow, she led an extremely busy life with shooting movies in different cities, and modeling shoots. She had no time for nonsense.

Nevertheless, Daya loved her loyal fans; the type that would always leave her sweet messages on her posts. Some messages were very hilarious. Many people had gone crazy for her and were even making marriage proposals. It was all so funny, and Daya would just laugh as she scrolled down her smartphone.

However, she made sure to never reply to any of the messages from her fans, because she knew better. Some fans had extreme crushes on her, and replying to their posts or messages would not be a good option. It would cause them to go crazy, and assume that she was also into them, which was not the case. The best choice was to stay away from replying to comments made by her fans.


Chapter 4: Alicia Sends a Direct Message to Daya

Alicia was not a big fan of social media; it wasn’t her thing. However, after seeing Daya in “Bliss”, she decided to activate her accounts. She went over to Twitter and looked up “Daya”, and went through most of her posts and comments from fans. In addition, she created an Instagram account to know more about the celebrity.

One of the aspects that drew Alicia to Daya was the nearness in age. Daya was just a year younger than Alicia, which made her highly relatable. Alicia felt that they could make such great friends.

She had hesitated to send a message to Daya directly, because she knew she wouldn’t reply, or probably never see it. Everyone knew that A-list celebrities did not respond to messages from fans. Sending a direct message to Daya would be a waste of time.

In the meantime, Alicia liked and left comments on the celebrity’s social media posts. She also noticed that many other people also liked Daya the way she did. So, her chances of standing out were close to zero.

However, one day, she decided to send a direct message, also known as a DM, to Daya on Instagram, because she figured it wouldn’t hurt anyone. The message read,

“Hi! Daya Thompson, I loved your performance in Bliss. It was so nice, that I developed a special liking to you as a celebrity. You’re now my most favorite female star. I also loved your first hit song, ‘Angels’, which you released at age 17. It was truly special, and has never lost its appeal. You’re one of a kind, and I hope to meet you someday. My name is Alicia, and I’m from Nairobi, Kenya.”

She sent the DM right away, but unfortunately no reply came. Days and weeks went by with no response. It was hurtful, but Alicia didn’t hold it against Daya. The celebrity did not know her, so why should she reply?

Alicia had decided to start her own blog, and write about entertainment topics. She wrote one article about Daya’s biography, and decided to send the link to her. The following day, when Alicia looked at her blog statistics, she realized that one of her traffic sources was At that moment, it was clear that Daya or the person who runs Daya’s Instagram account had opened the blog link.

It was a beautiful moment. While there was no response to her two direct messages, Alicia knew that the celebrity or her management team had seen them. So, she decided to send more DMs on a regular basis to see where it would take her.

Sending direct messages to Daya felt like a monologue. Alicia would write heartfelt messages, and even describe who she was, but never got a response. However, she didn’t care, because she knew that Daya would send a reply someday.


Chapter 5: Message from a Fan

Daya preferred to stay away from social media unless it was for work purposes. However, she would occasionally go through the numerous DMs fans sent her way. She would see all sorts of messages; some were about confessions of love and adoration, while others were just flat out insane.

Most of Daya’s messages came from followers in America and Europe, because people from those continents knew about her the most. However, as she scrolled through the direct messages, she noticed a fan from Kenya. She decided to look into the message, and see what Africans had to say about her.

The fan had left a lovely message for her, and she was touched. Another message was about a link to a blog, and she clicked on it right away after seeing the name “Daya”. The article was well-written, but one detail about the net worth wasn’t very accurate. However, she couldn’t possibly reply to the message, and point out the mistake. She left it as it was, and went on with her day.

A couple of weeks later, Daya opened her Instagram account to post a photo for her fans. As always, likes and comments started to stream in within seconds of putting up the post. It seemed like her fans were just waiting for her to post something. Daya went through some of the comments, but refrained from liking or replying.

As she read the comments, several notifications of DMs from fans came through to her. On this particular day, Daya was in a happy mood, so she decided to take a look at the messages. Some fans were hilarious with their love confessions, while some were just there to ask questions on acting or singing.

“Hey Daya, please could you hook me up with your personal phone number. I believe that you and I can make an awesome couple. You’re a beautiful girl, and I’m also a handsome guy. I love you. Please reply to my DM?” One fan wrote.

“Hi! Daya Thompson. I love you so much that I can’t breathe. I’m one of your most loyal fans, and I want us to be best friends. Can it be possible?” Another fan said.

“Daya I love the outfit you wore to the met galas last week. It was just the bomb. Could you share some style tips with me? It seems like you always look good in every outfit you wear. You’re just magnificent.” Another message said.

“I loved Bliss so much. When is Season two coming out? I miss seeing you on my screen. You are a breathtaking performer. Please answer my DM Daya.”

The messages went on and on, and Daya was tempted to reply to some of them. However, that would not end well, so she held back. Suddenly, one of the DMs caught her eye. It was from the Kenyan girl, and it read as follows,

“How are you Daya? I hope you are well. So, I know you’re never going to reply to my DMs, and it is okay. Actually, if you replied, I would probably freeze and not know what to say next. Anyway, if you ever want to take a break from the US, and come to an African nation, you should definitely try Kenya. You can come and stay in my house, rather than staying at a hotel. But, I would not expect you to trust me, because you don’t know me. Nevertheless, if it’s a good idea, you can send a message using WhatsApp Messenger. I look forward to hearing from you.”

After seeing the message, Daya clicked on the profile icon of the sender to know more. The sender’s name was Alicia Njuguna, and she had put up a photo of her with a young boy. It was clear that they were mother and son. Daya also looked at the fan’s posts on Instagram, but there were none. Alicia wasn’t the type to post things on social media.

Daya felt the need to reply. She didn’t respond to messages from fans in America or Europe, because she knew if she did, by the end of the day, the whole world would know about it. On the other hand, she assumed it was highly unlikely that someone from Africa would tell the whole world about receiving a response to an Instagram DM by a celebrity.

So, she thought for a moment before tapping on her smartphone keyboard to reply to the first DM from an African follower.


Chapter 6: A Beautiful Surprise

Alicia was busy on her laptop composing an article for her blog. She took writing very seriously, because it was her main source of income and passion. Writing was fun, but coming up with stuff that people wanted to read wasn’t always easy.

Her toddler son was in school, so she took hold of the opportunity to write as much as she could. Everyone knows that working with toddlers is very difficult, because of their constant need for attention.

At noon, Alicia took a break from her work and went outside for a breath of fresh air and lunch. Being in the outdoors was a rejuvenating experience that increased the level of feel-good hormones. She loved being outside, watching the greenery and soaking in the light.

A one-hour break was enough, and she went back inside to continue typing. As she sat down at the desk, she got the urge to check out what was happening on social media for a few minutes. She headed to twitter, and then Instagram. However, what she saw on Instagram made her freeze.

Daya Thompson, the famous star from “Bliss” had replied to her DM.

“I can’t believe this! Daya has responded. This is too much. I must be dreaming,” she said to herself.

It was unbelievable. Daya had left a lovely message for Alicia,

“Hi! Alicia. It’s Daya Thompson. How are you doing? I’ve seen all your messages, and I’m very grateful for the love. And, yes, I would love to visit Kenya someday for a holiday gateway. I’ll get in touch with you when I’m ready.”

Alicia was shocked. She had never expected Daya to answer any of her messages, because she was an A-list celebrity. It was too sweet. She couldn’t even continue with her work anymore. It was almost time to pick up Ryan from school, so Alicia went out. She didn’t reply to Daya’s message, because she did not know what to say without making a fool of herself.

Alicia picked Ryan from school, and they walked back home together, talking about life stuff. The young boy loved school, and wouldn’t stop talking about the new songs he had learned.

Eric got back from work too, and the three of them shared a lovely dinner. From the day she had taken an interest in Daya, Alicia had told Eric about how she wanted to be best friends with her. But, Eric had laughed about it, and told her to stop dreaming, because it was impossible.

So, Alicia couldn’t wait to tell him about the Instagram response.

“Hey honey, you won’t believe what happened today,” Alicia said to Eric.

“What?” He replied.

“Do you remember that celebrity I told you about from Bliss, and how I wanted to meet her someday?”

“Yes, I do. You’re always talking about her.”

“Well, today she replied to my Instagram DM.”

“Are you serious? That’s great for you. What did she say?”

“She said that she appreciates the love, and wouldn’t mind coming to Kenya.”

“Wow! That’s fantastic. So, what did you say when she answered your message?”

“I haven’t replied yet. I’m still thinking of what to say.”

Their conversion soon veered off into other things, and everyone went to bed. However, Alicia saw it best to reply to Daya’s message, because she didn’t want the celebrity to assume that she had ignored her.

She opened up her Instagram account, and went straight to her conversation with Daya. After thinking of what to say multiple times, Alicia wrote,

“Hey! Daya. I’m so surprised that you replied to my message. I didn’t expect that at all, but it goes to show that you’re indeed a sweet person. It’s hard to believe that I’m chatting with an A-list celebrity. You are awesome. Please do come to Kenya. While it is not as good-looking as America, it offers celebrities a lot of privacy. Here, it is rare for people to chase after celebrities. Famous people in our country walk freely on the city streets, and maybe one or two fans stop them to ask for a selfie. In addition, you can tour a lot of exciting tourist sites. I can’t wait to take you on an African tour. Lots of love and best wishes.


Chapter 7: Taking a Risk

After wrapping up a movie production, Daya was looking to take a small vacation to unwind and relax. And, Alicia’s message came just in time. Daya was a risk taker, and she pondered on the thought of going to Africa for the first time in her life. She had been to Europe, Asia, and Australia, but never to Africa. The thought had never crossed her mind.

Going to Africa didn’t seem like a bad idea. So, the celebrity consulted her management team and family members. At first, they said it was a bad idea, because she didn’t know anyone there. But, after several consultations, it was agreed that Daya would visit Africa with her parents, one of her cousins, her assistant Dino, and two bodyguards just to be sure.

The airline tickets to Kenya were scheduled and Daya decided to contact Alicia on her WhatsApp Messenger using the number she was given. In her heart, she believed that she could trust Alicia, though they had never met each other before.

“Hey Alicia, it’s Daya and I’m coming to Kenya soon. I have booked my airline tickets already, and will land on May 25th at six o’clock in the evening. I’ll come with my parents, my assistant, and a couple of bodyguards. But, first, please tell me more about your country. What can I expect?”

She sent the message, and waited for a response, as she made plans for the upcoming trip.


Chapter 8: More Unbelievable News

Alicia was a hard worker, and had managed to save up a whole load of money from her writing ventures. She was tired of renting, and was looking to buy her own house soon. However, she wanted to purchase the house together with Eric, so that it could belong to the both of them. The tricky part was that Eric had not yet come to see her parents as it was expected in African tradition.

So, she confronted him about it, and he still refused to see her parents. This was a clear sign that he was not ready to move up on the next life stage with her. It hurt, but Alicia was keen on buying a house, even if it meant purchasing it without Eric’s help.

She started to browse for open houses on the web, looking for one that was not too far away from her parents’ place. Alicia still wanted to stay close to her parents, because Ryan spent most of his weekends with them. After a long search, she found a home that matched her budget and needs.

It was a lovely four-bedroom house with a nice backyard. The house was also close to her parent’s house and Ryan’s school, which fit her agenda perfectly. She bought it straight away without hesitation.

Unfortunately, she could not move in with Eric, because he had refused to introduce himself to her parents as required. Eric said that he was not ready, as he still had issues to resolve with his own family. He chose to stay in the previous apartment, as Alicia and Ryan moved into their new house. He would move in later with them when he was ready to take her hand in marriage.

With the help of her parents and siblings, Alicia moved in into the four-bedroom house at age 25. It was such a blessing, and she could not stop thanking God for the gift.

After settling in for one week, Alicia received a WhatsApp Message from Daya. She was exhilarated about knowing that Daya was coming to Kenya soon. It was unbelievable news.

She replied right away and told Daya everything about Kenya, giving details about the climate, currency, the government, transport means, food, and the nature of the people. Alicia went on and on, because she was too excited. With the difference in time zones, Daya’s response didn’t come in until late at night. But, Alicia didn’t mind waiting, because she was talking to a celebrity.


Chapter 9: Daya Arrives in Kenya

Daya made all the necessary preparations, and left for the airport with her parents, Cousin Anna, Dino and two bodyguards. In addition to being her cousin, Anna was Daya’s best friend as well. They were very close, and would hang out together during their free time. So, Daya didn’t think twice about inviting Anna on her African trip.

The trip was very long. They had to connect two planes, before landing at the Jomo Kenyatta Airport in Nairobi, Kenya. The jet lag had left them drained, but they were still excited about being in a different country.

Alicia had been waiting for them to arrive since five o’clock in the evening. She had made a deal with her younger driver, Solomon, to drive her and her guests from the airport and to all the destinations they would visit for their holiday. Alicia had never taken the time to learn about driving, because operating a car seemed too scary.

From the pickup point, Alicia was able to locate Daya immediately, because she had seen her on the internet so many times before. She waved her hand trying to capture her attention. After a couple of waves, Daya saw her, and headed toward her.

Daya was able to recognize Alicia from the countless video chat sessions they had held together. She could see a portion of her bushy African hair lying against the left side of her face while the remaining hair was held up in a neat ponytail. Alicia did not wear any makeup, and Daya thought that was pretty cool and beautiful. Daya herself would only wear makeup when going for TV interviews and celebrity events. If she wasn’t at work, she loved to rock a casual look without any makeup or wigs.

As Daya came near, Alicia trembled and pinched herself several times just to confirm that it wasn’t a dream.

“Hello Daya, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I hope that the flight was okay,” Alicia said as she shook hands with Daya.

“It’s nice to meet you too. The flight was fine, and I’m thrilled to be in Africa,” Daya replied.

Alicia wasn’t much of a hugger, so she had made the gesture to shake hands from the start. However, Daya stepped in to give her a huge hug, and Alicia appreciated the love. The celebrity had worn a captivating perfume, and was as beautiful as she looked online. It was too exhilarating. Alicia went on to greet the rest of the gang, and welcomed them to the country as well. Eventually, they all headed out of the airport and went on to board Solomon’s car.

As the car drove off, Alicia tried to make a conversation with her visitors. Unfortunately, she was extremely shy, and didn’t know what to say most of the time. It was too much for her to handle. All she wanted was for the car to get to her home as first as possible. Fortunately, her brother did not have any shy bone in his body, so he conversed with the guests freely.

Daya and her counterparts observed the surrounding streets and structures, and discerned that Kenya wasn’t as developed as their country. However, it still looked like a nice place to have a vacation, and forget about work for a few weeks.

The car finally came to a stop as Alicia went out to open the gate to her compound. As she opened the gate, she was still thinking about how her most favorite celebrity was coming to stay with her,

“I can’t believe that this is happening. Oh! God I’m grateful for this opportunity to meet with Daya. Please let it work out,” Alicia chanted a small prayer.

She opened the gate, and Solomon rode the car into the driveway. Everyone got out of the vehicle, and headed towards the front door. As they entered into Alicia’s house, Daya and her counterparts met Alicia’s family.

Of course, Alicia had told her whole family about Daya’s coming. While not many of them knew about the celebrity, they could not miss out on an opportunity to dine with Americans, or whom they called “Wazungu” in Swahili. Even Alicia’s sister, who was a full-time doctor, had taken the time to come and see the visitors in person.

Daya and her party were surprised by the number of people, but they went along with it. A huge dining table was set with different types of dishes for the guests.

“Daya, I read on the internet that you are a vegetarian, so I made sure to leave out meat, eggs and milk from this meal. I hope that the dishes will suit your tastes,” Alicia said.

“Yes, I am a vegetarian, but you didn’t have to go too much out of your way. Any food would have been okay,” Daya replied.

“You are my guest, of course I have to go out of my way,” Alicia reassured her.

Everyone washed their hands, and they all sat down to eat. The food was new to Daya, her parents, Anna, Dino and the two bodyguards. They ate pumpkin chapattis, rice mixed with grated carrots, a stew of peas and potatoes, and steamed cabbage with grated carrots. The chapattis paired very well with the other dishes, and were very filling.

After dinner, they sat in the living room and took a cup of tea, as they watched the television. Alicia’s mom took the opportunity to converse with the guests from America, and asked them about how life felt in the overseas. It was a long conversation, and the visitors also asked about living in Kenya.

When the clock hit 10:00 o’clock at night, Alicia’s family members started to leave for their homes. Within no time, Alicia was left in the house with the American guests and her son.

She had already set up the living arrangements for everyone. Daya would share a room with Anna, the celebrity’s parents would take another room, and Dino and the two bodyguards would take the third room. Alicia would share her room with her son. After freshening up, all the visitors went to bed, as they were exhausted from the flight.

It took time for Alicia to sleep, because she was still getting used to the fact that Daya was in her home. But, ultimately she fell asleep.


Chapter 10: Touring Nairobi

The alarm woke Alicia up at six o’clock in the morning, and she headed straight to the bathroom to prepare herself. Luckily, it was a Saturday, so Ryan wasn’t going to school. Alicia left Ryan asleep in her room, and headed toward the kitchen to make breakfast for everyone.

As she entered the kitchen, she found Daya sitting next to the counter while scrolling through her phone.

“Good Morning Daya! Do you always wake up so early? How was your sleep?”

“Good Morning! Yes, I’m used to waking up early, because of my work. My sleep was fine. Thanks again for hosting us,” Daya answered.

“I’m glad that you slept well. You don’t have to thank me at all. It’s my pleasure to host my celebrity crush. I still can’t believe that you’re here,” Alicia said.

“Ha! Ha! I’m your celebrity crush? You’re funny Alicia,”

“Yes you are. Since I saw you on Bliss, I’ve wanted to be your best friend. You know, celebrities have a way of entering people’s mind. One time you’re just minding your own business, and the next you are falling hopelessly in love with a celebrity you saw on TV. I guess the fame makes stars attractive to onlookers. It’s like an enchantment.”

“I understand what you’re saying. You know, even celebrities develop crushes towards other celebrities. It feels sweet when you say you have a crush on me,” Daya said with a smile.

“Why did you agree to come and visit? Weren’t you scared of being in a stranger’s house?” Alicia asked.

“Well, I wasn’t that scared, because I could tell that you’re trustworthy. And, anyway, I came with bodyguards just in case,” Daya answered with a small laugh.

“Can I hug you? I just love you so much,” Alicia asked.

“Aw! Bring it in,” Daya said as she stood up to hug Alicia.

After the hug, the two of them went to prepare breakfast together while talking about where they should visit first.

Later on, Alicia went to prepare her son for the day ahead. The breakfast table was set, and Alicia, Ryan and the guests sat down for breakfast.

Solomon arrived at Alicia’s house to take them out on a trip to Nairobi. As the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi was widely developed with amazing places for tourists to visit.

The first stop was the Nairobi Safari Walk, which provided an excellent way to experience the wildlife and nature of Africa on foot. After that, they went to Paradise Lost to see a maze of caves, a stunning waterfall, and beautiful ostriches and take part in boating and horse riding. Being in Africa was a refreshing experience for Daya and her gang, and they made sure to take plenty of selfies.

At one o’clock in the afternoon, Solomon drove everyone to Two Rivers Mall in Ruaka, where they had a chance to grab some burgers and fries. The Mall was a hotspot for many foreigners, so Daya and her counterparts blended in perfectly.

After lunch, they headed out to do some shopping at the Galeria Shopping Mall. The tourists got a chance to buy some decorative African objects for keeping in their homes. They also went to the Ngong Racecourse to view some horse races.

It was a beautiful experience, and Alicia was able to interact with Daya more. They headed back home at the end of the day feeling utterly tired. After grabbing a variety of snacks along the way, nobody was hungry for dinner. They just went to sleep.

The following day was Sunday, and Alicia woke up early to make breakfast. As she whisked away the pancake batter, Daya came in.

“How was your night Alicia?”

“It was fine, how about you?”

“I slept like a log after all the fun we had yesterday. Africa feels great. I wouldn’t mind living here. So, what are we doing today?”

“I’m glad you had fun. Today, I would like to take you to my local church, because it’s Sunday. How do you feel about that?”

“Well I don’t mind at all. Going to church is important,” Daya said.

After making the necessary preparations, Alicia, Ryan and her visitors headed out to a popular Church in Parklands with Solomon. Daya did not feel strange at all about being in church, because she would occasionally attend services with her parents. The message for the day was about asking God for blessings without doubting.

After the church service, Solomon took them to Garden City Mall for a relaxing Sunday afternoon. They ate lunch and went around the mall taking selfies and shopping. Alicia also took the time to teach her lovely guests some Swahili words and phrases, so they didn’t feel too out of place.

For the next two weeks, Alicia would spend ample time with Daya, her family, personal assistant and bodyguards. They toured so many places in Nairobi and Kiambu that they started to feel at home.


Chapter 11: Time to Say Goodbye

Time went by so fast, and it was nearing time for Daya to go back to America. Alicia felt sad about letting go of her new-found best friend.

On the final night before Daya’s trip back to America, the two girls decided to watch a movie together in the living room. They looked for a film that neither of them had seen before, and sat on the couch.

After spending approximately two weeks with Daya, Alicia had gotten used to her, and didn’t feel shy anymore. They talked to each other freely like people who had known each other for years. It was a beautiful friendship, and it seemed like fate had brought the two of them together.

The film was a horror movie titled, “The Horrific House on the Hill”. They couldn’t help, but scream and crawl into each other’s arms. The film finally ended at eleven o’clock, and after giving each other a goodnight hug, they went off to their rooms to sleep.

In the morning, the mood was sad. Alicia found Daya in the kitchen, and like previous times, they talked away.

“I’ll miss you so much,” Alicia said.

“I will miss you so much as well. We’ve formed such a nice friendship in a few weeks, and I wish we could spend more time together,” Daya answered.

“Yes, it feels so nice to be friends with you. The experience was short and sweet,”

“Maybe you could come to the USA too someday. I will be more than happy to host you,”

“Yes, I would love to come, but I will probably refuse to leave when I visit you. I can only imagine how life is in America,”

“Life there isn’t much different from what you have here. Sure, the environment is different, but people are basically the same wherever you go,”

“I would have to see for myself to agree. Anyway, I hope to see you again. Please keep in touch on social media, though I know you’ll be busy making films,”

“I will do my best to make time. But, I will respond to your messages for certain.”

The flight was set to leave at two o’clock in the afternoon. So, Solomon came to pick up Alicia and her visitors at twelve o’clock, so that they could reach the airport on time.

“It hurts to see you go,” Alicia said to Daya.

“I feel the same way too, but we will meet again,” Daya replied as she went in to hug and embrace her new African friend.

The End

© 2020 Alice Njambi

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